Thu. May 23rd, 2024
I am writing to the so-called change in the Del Norte Unified School District bully policy. I thought in the beginning that the change was so spectacular. However in light of recent events at one of the schools here in Del Norte County, I seriously have my doubts. My children are of a mixed ethnicity, and they are being called names that are racially driven, and nothing is being done. Unless you call having a child apologizing with no repercussions to his or actions something. This should not be tolerated in any form at any time, and should be grounds for suspension, for the first offense and continue to get more severe. I am appalled with the actions of the school and district on this matter. I assure you if it continues I will seek legal counsel for my children and other ethnic children within the area.
Shawna Fairgood
Crescent City, Ca.
  1. Oh boy, you don’t purposely hurt the cubs of this momma bear. Momma bear has raised her cubs to except others and treat people the way they want to be treated. Respect your elders, show your kindness to others and give comfort to those in need. Their grades are excellent, they do what they are suppose to at home and adults fall in love with them for how they do conduct themselves. Mostly, they are very beautiful children who protect each other. The parents of these children deserve high recognition for the appropriate raising of their children. I have seen this family let nothing stop them at reaching goals that seemed ALMOST impossible to others.
    We will back and support the parents 150% on this issue. We will not let their children down and the many others who need advocates before it is too late.
    Mary Jo Smith

  2. This is may daughter and I am very proud of her for standing up for her kids (my grabdkids) and the others kids of bi-racial backgrounds. I think it is time for a generations to stand up together for the kids. Remember they are our future.

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