Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
5 thoughts on “Sea Cruise Cancelled Due to Covid”
  1. It’s time to run these “leaders” and “health professionals” out of the county.

    Until that happens, they should be shunned and ridiculed by the community, cut off from stores and denied services, and dual class action lawsuits should be filed against them on behalf of the citizens and business owners.

  2. Sheeple just falling in line with the propaganda mill. No evidence what so ever the recent up tick in Covid cases are in any way a safety issue. Look at the numbers people, then compare them with your own experiences. How many personally know anyone who has had Covid? Not very many I venture to guess. How many personally know anyone who has died from Covid? Again, not many. And I don’t mean you know someone who knows someone. How many people that you know personally that has had a serious case of Covid? Again not many? Or even have stayed home because they tested positive for Covid with no symptoms? Not many. Think people, Think!

    1. Unfortunately after this city and county cried wolf for nearly 2 years the Delta Variant has indeed hit Del Norte County but it’s not by how we have been told.
      A study out of the UK revealed the Delta variant was caused from mutation of COVID. 65% of delta variant was found in folks who had taken the vaccine. Thereby making the vaccinated extremely contagious.
      As of right now I know several people who have the delta variant.
      Currently there are 18 people on ventilators at SCH 3 died yesterday and 3 this morning. The hospital is turning people away. The hospital is only testing people who were vaccinated and not testing unvaccinated people according to two patients I spoke with. This lends credibility to the UK study coming out.
      The shit storm we all knew would arrive by fall is upon us. Caused by our own government. Should we shut down our businesses and events?
      NO. Because this is always going to be an issue from here on out. The government is mot going to pay us to stay home. Our country is not communist.

      1. You are implying that the vaccines have something to do with the Delta Variant. What is your source? The current “Dashboard of Doom” is only showing four “new deaths”, I can only assume that it is not current? How do we know the deaths are indeed from Covid related infections? HIPAA prevents us from knowing the actual cause of death. Do you have direct inside information or information from someone else? By the way most testing has recently been called into question, can the recent events locally be verified in any way other than from RT-PCR testing? Unless I am mistaken, our current spike locally appears to be somewhat of an outlier, not being commonly experienced in most of the rest of the US. Has that changed in the last few days? Questions, questions, interesting.

      2. Do we know how many of those both hospitalized and have passed were vaccinated? And, which vaccine was used if they were vaccinated? Most people are unaware of the fact that most vaccines up to now under go a rigorous testing process that normally takes on average twelve years. Even then there have been instances where vaccines have survived the process, become approved, only to be withdrawn sometimes years later when serious issues were revealed when utilized in the general public. There have been occasions where even that has not occurred. Sometimes the issues were relatively mild, but in some cases the effect was catastrophic to the recipient of the vaccine. These vaccines are by no means properly vetted. If the FDA fast tracks approval of these vaccines by September, this would be malfeasance of the highest order by a government agency. They will have thrown safety for the American people, and the world for that matter out the window. When our current “nannies” talk about people not wearing masks, distancing, or washing hands, vaccine malfeasance makes that pale in comparison. If you are reading this Mdstruthers, I would hope you might have answers for my questions even if it is in a general sense. I know HIPAA regulations prevent specific referrals to specific patients, but it would be nice to get a general sense of what is happening here even if it is anecdotal information. I do not know anyone who has had Covid personally other than a clerk at a local store who said she did and a few others like that, but no one I know personally. One false positive is it.

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