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NOTE by Editor, Donna Westfall  – July 31, 2018:  Candidate, Mark Meuser (pronounced Moy rhymes with Soy;  Zer = Moyzeris riding 5,000 miles around California in introducing himself along the way.  His main message; we have a lot to fix in the Secretary of State’s office.

“This past week I had to do a lot of night riding because of the extreme heat. I rode through Death Valley, and made stops in Bishop, Lone Pine, Shoshone, Baker, Needles, Blythe, El Centro, and La Quinta. In Death Valley, it was 109 degrees at 1:09 a.m. The bike tour now turns towards some more habitable environments of our great state.

On Wednesday, Konstantinos Roditis, candidate for California Controller will be joining me for the second half of this bike tour. This means that you will be able to meet two great statewide candidates at each of these stops.

We have been working hard to nail down as many details of where we are going to be. If we are in your neighborhood, please make sure to stop by. Please be sure to share the event with your friends and family so that they too can join us.

Time has not run out in order to make a pledge for every mile that I ride. Some people have made pledges up to $1 per mile ridden. Can you make a pledge today? You do not have to wait until I finish the bike tour in order to contribute. This is a grassroots campaign and every dollar contributed is greatly appreciated.”

Mark Meuser

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