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Opinion By Branden Bieber – October 2, 2023

Most evident at the September 26 th Board of Supervisors meeting is that Del Norte’s poverty, high crime, and substance abuse is being funded through Local Budgeting Expenditures. When Jacqueline Roberts assistant county counsel, presented to the board the current Opioid crisis death statistics, the board diminished Del Norte’s humanitarian crisis to explore more funding options and hiring more County staff.

Without accountability, Chris Howard was giddy with anticipation of funding from the County’s
current Opioid lawsuit settlement, and Opioid deaths promoted through California’s New Model.
Despite the loss of life, the opportunity of attracting more funding was a disgraceful act of callus.
Del Norte County’s disheartening statistical representation of criminality, poverty, and substance abuse
is largely to blame on the institution tolerating lawlessness, and enabling social services. It is no
coincidence that as our local Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has doubled in size the
last 12 years, our crime, number of transients, and drug related deaths have skyrocketed.

All the while Chairman Short and Supervisor Howard give DHHS praise and continue to promote bigger
Government through socialized medicine, wrap around services, and the promotion of pharmaceuticals.
It is also no coincidence, Mr. Howards career in saving the spotted owl and salmonoid restoration have
resulted in long deferred road improvement, restricted ANY private industry, closed local fishing, and
made living in Del Norte a financial hardship.

Until the County begins dealing with the problems, instead of the consequences our County will
continue to be repressed. Until we fund opportunities for success, instead of paying for the unambitious
there is no solution.
Del Norte County 2023-2024 budget for Welfare: $45,819,982.00
Del Norte County 2023-2024 budget for Recreation Dept: $ 613,528.00

Pretty OBVIOUS where our representatives’ priorities are!

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