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Commentary by Samuel Strait – March 22, 2023

It is not all that often that Crescent City is graced with a performance
by a world class musical talent, and as such it was certainly a welcome
event at Crescent Elk Auditorium, Friday March 17th, to listen to an
hour of musical wonder performed by Seraph Brass.  The exquisitely
refurbished Crescent Elk Auditorium, with a nod to Lisa and Nick Rail
for their part, hosted the third in a series of magical musical nights
presented by The Del Norte-Curry Community Concert Association.  These
cultural events come at no cost to the attendees and are not to be missed.

The five lady brass quintet played twelve inspirational pieces to a
crowd of nearly five hundred guests ranging from classical to the more
modern.  Solos abounded throughout the evening showcasing the talents of
each of the performers.  Two trumpeters playing a wide variety of
instruments, followed by a french horn, a trombone, and last but not
least a tuba.  Five lovely young ladies kept the audience glued to their
seats for the entire performance.  It is hard to imagine such a genuine
pleasure more fitting than to spend the time listening to such excellence.

The group is deeply rooted in the educational experience of music and
blessed the local students with their wealth of knowledge. Credits from
their connection to education are sprinkled throughout the Country.  As
to world wide performances, and awards, this group has accumulated an
enviable record likely to continue on into the future.  If you have not
taken the opportunity to attend one of the seasons events, never fear,
for one additional opportunity awaits.  On May 5, 2023 the Balourdet
String Quartet performs at Crescent Elk at 7:00 pm at no cost.

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