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Public Defender, Dale Trigg, is correct.  The DA’s office did not have their case ready.  However, the Department of Justice did submit a Physical Evidence Examination report on this matter and it was received by the DA’s office on December 19, 2013.  Additionally, Judge Doehle opposed the Continuance because the People (DA’s office) do not have DNA results.  The request for the continuance was denied. The Defendant, David Ernest Wright, wasn’t present in the courtroom.  Why wasn’t he present in the Courtroom since this was a Readiness Conference.  This was not blatant dishonest reporting.  It was an error on my part because I was late and unable to get the records until today, Tuesday, May 27th.  Apologies to Attorney Trigg.

Today in the Del Norte Superior Court, Judge Doehle allowed yet one more continuance for Dale Trigg’s client Dave Wright. The continuance is set for June 9th and June 16th for a readiness for trial. BIG DAVE THE WAVE, Remember The Barber here in Crescent City who was arrested August 4, 2013 For 5 counts of CHILD MOLESTATION. COUNT 1. SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH A CHILD 10 YEARS OF AGE OR YOUNGER, in violation of penal code 288.7 a felony, COUNT 2. SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH A CHILD 10 YEARS OR YOUNGER, in violation of 288.7 of the penal code, a felony; COUNT 3. PENETRATION BY A FOREIGN OBJECT BY FORCE OR VIOLENCE UPON A CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 14 YEARS, in violation of section 289(a)(1)(b) of the penal code, a felony; COUNT 4 FORICIBLE LEWD ACT UPON A CHILD, in violation of 288(b)(1) of the penal code; a felony and there was a Count 5 for special circumstances, under penal code 667.61(b)(e).

How convenient for two political runners to put off a severe sexual assault such as this until after the election. Who is suffering regarding this matter? Better yet who cares? Yes there is an election June 3, 2014, does that mean everything Halts until after the election. This is another example of why neither one of these people should be elected.  Because they ruin lives, don’t have enough experience to care and we will all endure much of the same after the election if they are elected.


  1. After reading the article which brought about this one, I was shocked to fine the perpetrator, David E. Wright, received such an insulting sentence! What disrespect was shown the the children he assaulted!!!! These children may go through the rest of their lives never haven recovered from the DAMAGE! Shame on all those, who let these children down.
    Has he been released??? If so the children of this country should be warned.
    Remember damage was done to his own family. As well of the families of the children.

  2. Is this the same judge who had a case before her
    involving a pet owner charged with abuse and/or mistreatment? Were there TWO Veterinarian’s testimonies refuting the charges and the owner’s pets taken from her anyway???
    Did another case come before this same Judge where a person beat his dog so badly that the dog’s leg was amputated???? and were these charges dropped?
    Does any one else remember the above scenario?

    If the above is true then the URGENCY is even greater to report the denial of these children’s legal rights and protection to the OVERSIGHT organization (that caused John Alexander’s license to practice law removed) needs to intervene immediately. ALL the crimes,collusion and corruption needs investigated.
    Are there no Children’s Protective Organizations any more?

  3. Lesson Learned, Apologies to Trigg for an error, but not blatant dishonesty. After retrieving the record on file today and reading the contents it saddens me to report that the DA’s office is so inept it is overwhelming. This is the minutes signed by the Judge Doehle on May 23, 2014, ” The court is opposed to the continuance. People do not have DNA results. REquest for Continuance denied. People advise they will more than likely dismiss this case and refile. The court is concerned about the length of time this case has been continued. People advise if the case isn’t continued and they are forced to dismiss and refile it will extend the time longer.” the problem with this is that the California department of Justice Bureau of Forensic services submitted their Physical Evidence Examination Report to the District Attorney’s Office on December23 2013. However, it appears and this is SPECULATION ON MY PART, somebody didn’t get a DNA sample from the suspect in August 2013. Purely negligent in duty. Inept, unprofessional on the part of DA office and sheriff office. I could absolutely spit fire.

  4. I did not hear that, because when I came in the process between you and them had already started, even though it was half way down the calendar to be heard
    ….either way, since padilla is listed as your campaign treasurer, and works for the DA office, how convenient that there is a delay in this case…whether it was you or them, you are ALL IN IT TOGETHER.,…. which is why I say nothing will change….I voted for Drossel

  5. This is blatantly dishonest reporting. You were in the courtroom and you know full well that the DA asked for the continuance because they did not have their evidence ready to proceed.

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