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Opinion and Commentary By Donna Westfall – April 25, 2024

Instead of protesting for the release of the Israeli’s taken hostage during the massacre by Hamas on October 7, 2023, too many of our young and ignorant college students are protesting “genocide” by Israel against Palestinians.

For those that survived Nazi Germany’s true genocide of Jew’s during World War II, or like me, grew up with survivors, then you truly understand what genocide is.

I can predict that if any of those protesting college students had their family and friends massacred and hauled off as hostages, that they too would have bitterness in their heart.

Let’s add history to the mix and then you truly understand the relevance of Israel at war. Because when 1200 Israeli citizens are killed by Hamas, then Israel has the right to declare war. For those that do not know what this means “From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free” let me educate you. It means death to Israel. Israel is the only country in the world that is a homeland to Jews.

This most recent resurgence of antisemitism is shocking, dismaying and horrifying. College students after all are there to get educated. Instead, they’ve already caused classes to be shut down. Jewish students and teachers are being intimidated, taunted, harassed and in fear for their lives. We are now witnessing our own home grown brand of terrorists. And, they don’t even realize it.

It isn’t stopping on the ivy league college campuses either Now, we have to look no further than Cal Poly Humboldt in Arcata (formerly called Humboldt State University). Because of Pro-Palestinian protestors occupying buildings, Siemens Hall, and clashing with police, the college campus is shut down through this weekend. Classes are being offered on line. Hardly a good alternative if your major is music and events are being canceled.

While some protestors maintain their issue is with Israel, not Jews, it’s hard to impossible to separate the two. We can watch in horror as those young people react with mob mentality. Perhaps cooling off in jail for a while will help to alter their perception. Perhaps paying restitution and doing community service will allow them to remain as students. Otherwise, they can look to other places for their education like the Islamic University of Gaza.

It is up to those in charge of Cal Poly university to act swiftly and keep a firm conviction that this will not be tolerated. As of today:

“Update on Remote Instruction and Work, and Campus Operations

April 25, 2024 – 8:57am

Protestors continue to occupy Siemens Hall and Nelson Hall East at Cal Poly Humboldt. Campus will now be closed through Sunday, April 28, and work and instruction continue to be remote. The University is making various contingency plans, including possibly keeping campus closed beyond that.

The occupation of Siemens Hall causes complex operational challenges that require the closure of other facilities on campus. In particular, there is a risk of other buildings being occupied, as protestors have shown a willingness to enter unlocked buildings and either lock themselves in, vandalize, or steal equipment. The occupation is also having a negative impact on other students, who are trying to complete classes at the end of the semester.

Numerous laws have been broken, including resisting arrest, destroying and damaging property, criminal trespass, and more. 

As protestors have been told, the continued occupation of the building is causing the ongoing closure of other campus facilities. Upcoming activities and events are being canceled, while other important events such as IdeaFest are in question.”

2 thoughts on “Shocking Cal Poly Humboldt Shut Down!”
  1. What is happening in our country is nothing short of domestic terrorism. Those who have a visa should be deported.Those who collect federal aid, it should be taken and they should be expelled from the school. I am all for protesting within the guidelines of the law. These people don’t bother educating themselves on any subject matter concerning their civil rights, what is permissible during a protest. Looking at a 1938 photo of a human chain preventing the Jews from crossing the line is exactly what is going on at the college campuses. History repeating itself in real time. Shame on them.

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