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§2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

September 2020 in ABC News Trump has repeatedly called for his political enemies to be jailed. (He was referring to Biden and Obama.)

For 20 years, American troops have been in Afghanistan. After spending over $2 trillion dollars, with 2,352 the number of US military personnel who have died and 20,000 wounded let’s remember why we were there.

The reason we went into the country in the first place was as a result of 9/11 – the Twin Towers destruction and President George W. Bush’s war against terrorism.

While Trump was President, he had plans to withdraw our troops. He had a plan. He gave his plan to Biden. Biden ignored Trumps plan and now we’re wondering why?

It can’t just be that we’re saddled with idiots at the highest levels of our government. And the blame can’t all be placed at the feet of Trump as the Democrats routinely do.

Let’s just take the issue of armaments left in the country in perfectly fine condition.

Credit to US News – April 2021: “The Defense Department’s latest 2020 report said war-fighting costs totaled $815.7 billion over the years. That covers the operating costs of the U.S. military in Afghanistan, everything from fuel and food to Humvees, weapons and ammunition, from tanks and armored vehicles to aircraft carriers and airstrikes.”

I don’t know about you, but over $800 billion dollars spent and left is just insanity and/or incompetence. Because if it’s not insanity and/or incompetence then it could be treason.

When my husband, Doug, was a Sergeant in the Army stationed in Viet Nam, he had to sign to be in charge of the Howitzer. Part of his responsibility was to see to it that an incendiary device was inserted to disable the canon if they were ever overrun. Has there been a policy change? Were military personnel instructed to just leave and not destroy or disable any of our tanks, planes, Blackhawk copters, weapons, Humvees, etc?

Then, as Lara Logan described on Tucker Carlson’s program 2 days ago, the Taliban are shipping out their newly acquired arsenal from the US and sending it to Pakistan. Since it’s no longer a secret from the American public the questions that need to be asked:

Why is the US continuing to send money to Pakistan?

Why isn’t the US bombing our equipment because surely they have satellite pictures showing exactly where they are and where they’re going.

It’s beginning to look like our Democrat controlled government wanted those to go to our enemies. Here’s a list:

7,000 machine guns,

4,700 Humvees,

20,000 grenades

208 aircraft

almost 76,000 vehicles

almost 600,000 weapons systems

rifles, night vision goggles, and

according to dated August 18th, author Jared Keller: “A 2016 Pentagon audit revealed that poor record-keeping and regulations had allowed nearly half of the 1.5 million weapons provided to Iraqi and Afghan security forces since 2002 to go missing….”.

Why must the American public be saddled with Americans that act like Anti-American’s?

If Biden and all concerned are brought up on Treason charges and convicted, should he/they be sent to the gallows?

Or are we going to sit back and do nothing, and because of Biden be the laughing stock of the entire world?

8 thoughts on “Should Biden Be Brought Up On Treason Charges?”
  1. It is astounding to hear anyone defend the level of incompetence of our current administration! Abandoning the Afghan people, our fellow Americans and equipping a terrorist regime with an unthinkable amount of our best weapons is only the beginning of destabilizing not only the Middle East, but the World! Pulling out is not the problem…doing it without pulling out Americans and Arms first and following a clear plan is!

  2. Hi Jamie I see where you are with your letter. I think Americans have a short memory GOD BLESS US, I think people have forgotten 911, and about Benghazi and I have never forgotten
    the names of these men Stevens, Smith, Woods, Doherty, in the compound Hilary never sent help to these men it was her Job to help these men and she never did. Yes politicians get away with murder. Yes this is my opinion

  3. Consider, if you will, the absurdity of this notion. The Commander-in-Chief, the leader of the free world, the ACTUAL President of the United States made a military decision, which is an authority WE THE PEOPLE have given to the holder of this position, that somehow offends your highly sensitive and detailed knowledge of military interaction in the middle east enough for you to call it treason and demand execution? The complete arrogance and idiocy shown by anyone who would put forth such a notion in a public forum absolutely astonishes the intelligent among us. It is exactly this foolish propaganda that leads toward polarization and demoralization of a population but that seems too difficult for those who propagate this drivel to comprehend. Someone is using “divide and conquer” tactics in this situation. The kicker will be when you finally figure out who it is that is doing it and who it is against.

    1. “Randy the Astonished” and his flock of intelligent sheeple!

      You should commune with the intelligent among you and devise a plan to rescue the remaining Americans in Afganistan and allies that President Sippy-Cup abandoned.

  4. I am not your slave, Dear woman, as much as you’d like to have one of your own so do not label me as such. I APPLAUD Joe Biden for ending the pointless and wasteful war on ‘whatever we were pissed off at’ 20 friggin years ago.. Do remember? Was it that group of SAUDI ARABIANS who flew into those buildings in NY? Or was it the plans laid long ago of reducing our enemies to vassal states? Did Afghanistan ever attack America? We simply wanted control over what they have there. Seems like a people who lived there weren’t going to take occupation from either Americans OR Russians. Im glad they can go bafk to doing whatever it is they do in Afghanistan, it’s none of my damn busniess. It SHOULDN’T be any of yours.

  5. It is totally evident that Biden is guilty of Treason. By deliberately leaving American military equipment for the Taliban to use against American troops he has given them aid and comfort. No two ways about his guilt. Whoever may be working with Biden to injure American and Americans should also be found guilty of Treason! The punishment can be telecast on TV and would be a great audience drawer.

  6. YES, in my humble opinion – these are the questions every adult in America who understands the potential of this malfeasance portends. Look these words up if you are unsure. Because they are likely the most accurate terms we can use for what easily constitutes lending aid and comfort to the enemy (a treasonous act.)
    That these numbers (according to government number crunchers, aka ‘bean counters’ who’s jobs depend on accurate accounting of our assets) have the ability, in the wrong hands to be used against us an our allies, there is little room to assign them to anything less than equipping our enemy for war against us. As I recall in the impeachment hearings there was a phrase used to validate that charge as “high crimes and misdemeanors.” And just what does the senseless murdering of American citizens not a high crime ? Pahleeze ! We are already aware of one former New York governor who has apparently gotten away from murder of thousands of people in a nursing home. Is this the future of America ? Elected Government ‘officials are and will be allowed, with no accountability whatsoever to get away with murder in the past, present and future ?
    What will it take to trigger the absolute outrage due this insanity? You….YOU who are reading this. Are you alive? Are you awake? Do you have any comprehension of this travesty? Do you have an ounce of morals that doesn’t consider this a nightmare of epic proportions?
    OR… you find yourself, as you have been trained by constant systemic condescension that you ‘cannot fight city hall,’ so don’t even try? You were born, bread and schooled to be a slave and slaves have no right to question things their government does?
    One person makes a decision to not ride, as instructed, at the back of the bus – – and says ‘no’….
    Sleep well America. While you can.
    In my humble opinion.

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