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By Jeff McCaddon, October 27, 2020

To: Del Norte County Board of Supervisors

Re: Public Comment to be read aloud during October 27, 2020 BOS meeting


It has come to the notice of our community that your County Administrative Officer, Jay Sarina, authorized “Up to $40,000” to advertise your recent 1% Tax Increase Measure. It has also come to our attention that Mr. Sarina made this expenditure without public hearing or Board of Supervisor’s approval during open meeting.

It has also come to our attention that the Emergency Services Manager Kymmie Scott made claims in an advertising announcement using her public department title in an attempt to sway the vote in favor of the tax increase.


What are we to see next from our County Government? Will you use public money to support the candidacy of public officials? Our County financial resources must not be used to sway votes during an election!


Not only did the County use public funds to influence an election, but it was done surreptitiously. Mr. Sarina must be held accountable and reimburse the County for the full amount paid for these advertisements. He should also resign from his post for attempting to sway the result of a public election through the unauthorized use of public funds.


Likewise, Kymmie Scott should resign for using her public office to make claims in an attempt to sway a public election. This community receives emergency bulletins under the authority of her department through the same robo-call method used for this advertisement. How many unsuspecting citizens considered this to be an emergency plea to support the Tax Measure for their own survival?


I do not expect any action to be taken by your Board. Ethics is a non-issue in Del Norte County, as is the observance of the law itself. Indeed, as was written long ago, there is “No law north of the Eel and no God north of the Klamath.”




Mr. Jeff L. McCaddon

One thought on “Should CAO Jay Sarina resign? Should OES Kymmie Scott resign ?”
  1. I guess we have our own swamp to deal with, DC is the mother of all swamps every one says they can’t do that it’s illegal,
    it’s against the law, it’s unconstitutional, well mean, ugly, people continue to break the law they break the law and don’t care because they get away with it nothing happens to them no jail time regard less where they live.

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