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By Jeff McCaddon
Copyright Jeff McCaddon, March 3rd, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

The conservative rural counties of Oregon are fed-up with their ultra-liberal cultural-revolutionary big-city Democrat dominated State government. Like neighboring California, Oregon is plagued with financially destructive Pandemic lock-downs, irrational draconian gun legislation, anti-law enforcement policies, Marxist school indoctrination, and intrusions into both their citizen’s homes and families. They
are also sick-and-tired of Maoist cultural revolutionaries from Antifa and the Black Lives Matter Movement making government sanctioned incursions into their rural towns.

Five Oregon Counties; Baker, Lake, Grant, Malheur and Sherman have joined together and will vote in May to secede from Oregon to join Greater Idaho. In all, seven additional Oregon Counties are collecting
signatures to join this secession including Jackson, Klamath, Harney, Morrow and Umatilla Counties. Curry County, bordering us to the North, and adjacent Josephine County to our Northeast are also among
those seeking to join Greater Idaho. Del Norte County may soon be bordering Idaho instead of Oregon. A trip to Brookings or Grant’s Pass would cross entirely different borders with different laws.

Siskiyou County, bordering Del Norte to the West, is the first California County to circulate petitions to join Greater Idaho. Siskiyou County is the seat of the Jefferson State Secession Movement; the oldest surviving secessionist movement in the United States.

The Jefferson State Secessionist Movement formed during the California Gold Rush, just after California became a State, and just prior to the Oregon Territory attaining Statehood. Jefferson was the product of distinct differences between the needs and desires of this rural region and the predatory big-city governments that taxed them.

There are many other counties in California that are part of the Jefferson State Secession Movement. Secessionist California Counties in the State of Jefferson include (from north to south) Siskiyou, Modoc, Trinity, Shasta, Lassen, Tehema, Plumas, Sierra, Butte, Glenn, Lake, Mendocino, Colusa, Yuba, Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, Amador, Calaveras, Toulomne, Stanislaus, and Mariposa. It will just be a matter of time before petitions to join Greater Idaho are circulated in these counties also.

On the Northern fringe of the State of Jefferson, a small coastal island of California loyalists is formed by Del Norte and adjacent Humboldt Counties. Humboldt’s population of voters are decidedly ultra-liberal
Democrat and their government reflects that political sentiment. Del Norte however has predominately conservative Republican voters. Despite the number of conservative constituent voters, the government of
Del Norte is composed of liberal Democrats and Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). The needs and desires of Del Norte County are consistently compromised to conform to the tax-hungry and intrusive interests of the State of California.

Should Del Norte County seek to join Greater Idaho also?

If the Recall Petition for the removal of California Governor Gavin Newsom is successful, it will lead to a special election this Summer. This special election will determine who California’s next Governor will
be. Will this election make any difference in a State so thoroughly compromised by ultra-liberal policies and criminal graft and corruption?

This special election would be an opportunity for Del Norte County to form a Greater Idaho Movement Committee, circulate petitions, and add a motion to the ballot to secede from California entirely. This committee and movement will not start within our local RINO Party. Our local Republican leadership and elected officials are thoroughly in lock-step with the Democrat and RINO establishments in Sacramento.
A committee to secede from California would need to be grass-roots effort.

Idaho in fiscally sound and ranks within the top ten States with lowest taxes. California ranks #1 in the nation as having the highest taxes! The State of California is also teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

Idaho is pro-law enforcement and prosecutes cultural revolutionary rioters, looters, vandals, and arsonists for violent crimes. Both California and Oregon have judicial systems compromised by Marxist “Social
Justice” legislation and legal precedents in their courts that protect violent criminals.

Idaho respects the rights of individuals guaranteed by Constitution of the United States. Laws of Idaho are some of the least intrusive in the United States. Both real and personal property rights are respected. This
is reflected by Idaho’s lack of 2nd Amendment restrictions. On the other hand, California has become an Orwellian tyranny that intrudes on every aspect of its citizen’s lives. This is reflected by the most draconian firearms laws in the United States; restricting the free exchange of all firearms, ammunition, black powder and pellet guns, and even banning crossbows and blowguns.

California and Oregon have endured nearly a year of financially devastating Pandemic Lock-downs. Except for a few initial months, Idaho’s businesses and schools have remained open. Idaho’s schools also
lack the cultural revolutionary infection of Marxist Critical Race Theory indoctrination. Unlike California, Idaho’s schools do not recruit school children for trans-gender reassignment; nor do they work as or as enforcers of “Wokism.”

Idaho is not a Sanctuary State. The election laws of Idaho require that only adult US Citizens residing in their State have a right to vote. These Citizens must be “alive,” and provide both identity and proof of
residence, and are only allowed one vote each. California is a Sanctuary State and issues illegal aliens a California Driver’s License (CDL). A CDL is all that is necessary to vote in any California County. Votes in California Counties are not cross-referenced, and thus a person can vote in multiple counties in each election. Mail-in voting exacerbates this problem by allowing even dead people and pets to vote in California.

Idaho also shines as a State that respects families and religion. Their laws and philosophy afford free- expression of speech, and the protection of religious observation. California and the Cancel Culture Left cannot abide either family, free speech, or any religion other than Marxism.

Should we, the residents of Del Norte County, join the Greater Idaho Movement? Will we ever have another chance to do so? California’s election laws are becoming so inclusive that soon the votes of
citizens will no longer count.

Let your voice be heard. Make a comment, if only a simple ‘Yes” or “No.” Should we in Del Norte County consider joining Greater Idaho?

25 thoughts on “Should Del Norte County Join Greater Idaho?”
  1. I think that this is a great idea, a government of the people, for the people is exactly what our founding fathers wanted for us. We moved here to get away from the tyranny in the rest of the state after the Camp Fire burned down the town of Paradise due to broken liberal policies. I am a huge fan of becoming the only part of Idaho with coastal access. The property values of our homes here will likely skyrocket and be awesome when people realize they can live in Idaho on the California coast without living under California’s tyrannical liberal laws. I am in favor of a grassroots greater Idaho movement and willing to get involved in supporting this. This needs to happen so that the people in Del Norte county can live like Americans again.

    1. Oh good, Higher Property Values = higher Property Tax, higher Homeowners Insurance premiums for starters. I think property is high enough now — ask any Homeless Person. I bought my home to live in, not to resell.

      1. Tom, if you are concerned about taxes, then why remain in California? Idaho has one of the lowest tax rates in the Country, while California has the highest taxes.

        1. Moving isn’t that easy. It would help if the few that vote didn’t blindly vote to raise our taxes, e.g., sales taxes, fire protection, and school bonds. I don’t pay State Income Tax so that’s not a problem. For what it’s worth I’m a native Californian.

  2. Thanks, Sam, for directing your ever so costly time and energy at addressing this most important of your extremist positions. Let me state that I have no interest in taking up your precious time beyond providing some pushback on such an idea. You seem to think that somehow I need government assistance to maintain my livelihood. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I work in this community, volunteer my time when I can, and pay my taxes to the state and federal governments respectively. I don’t like everything thats done with that tax money but I’m sure you don’t either. What I find abhorrent about this notion is that you seem to think that Del Norte is ONLY and ALL conservative and that anyone else should leave. In fact, without knowing much about me besides that my opinion differs from yours, you suggest that if this crazy bit ever occurs here that I should move away. Historical precedent doesn’t suggest that this is even an option. Ever hear of State borders being changed to facilitate the beliefs of the residents?? No.. this is ludicrous. I believe that the 2-party system of politics in this country is the biggest threat to whats left of our democracy. Having ONLY two parties forces the extremists into one of the two camps. Then our wonderful media pundits spin the actions of the far-right and the far-left into a frenzy of stupidity. MOST Americans are NEITHER. I think the vast majority of the American people just want to lead comfortable, healthy lives and to be able to MAKE PROGRESS in that pursuit of hapiness we all partake in. Bringing this sort of idea up at this time feels an awful lot like the toxic rhetoric used by a certain former president to stoke political hatred and violence. We’ve seen on Jan 6th the type of fervor that can be initiated by such language. I’m not a politician and I don’t plan to become one, but I won’t just read these types of articles, no matter who writes them, and not mention in the comment section how stupid I think it really is. You need not waste any more of your energy on this thread. I feel like I’ve made my points clear and concise. I understand your position and continue to believe it to be nonsense, no matter how many signatures you gather.

    1. Steve, it would help enormously if you would read carefully what offends you so. I am not the author of the article, nor in any way a participant. I did not suggest that you required monetary assistance from the government, merely that you seem to be enamored with the government making rules which is contradictory when you start talking about freedom. The government is not in any way shape or form the poster child for freedom. In no way have I suggested that Del Norte County is at all entirely made up of Conservatives. Wrong again. I suggested that if this “crazy idea were to work” you may be interested in relocating back to California. The use of historical precedent was not used in this fashion, it referred to government and freedom. Actually the state of Virginia is case in point where West Virginia split off for precisely the reason you have given. The idea that only two parties exist has gradually begun to erode. Nearly 30% of the US electorate are neither Republican or Democrat. We are not a Democracy, but a Representative Republic. As far as toxic rhetoric, there is plenty of blame to go around. I noticed that you are quick to reference January 6, 2021, and only January 6th, but seemed to ignore the activities that took place Country wide during the summer of 2020 in many of our country’s major urban centers. Other than the last couple of comments in which you do not seem to be doing very well, most of your comments appeared to be rather dismissive and rude. Not much in the way of push back there. I remain uncertain as to just how you feel that you have been clear and concise, when you have failed on nearly every point to add anything useful. You attack the notion of Greater Idaho and supply nothing as to why it is “ludicrous”. Nothing about the inherent difficulties of the process. Nothing about the lengthy steps to make it happen. Nothing about the levels of approval that must be gained from State and Federal legislators. Nothing to support your claim in other words of the whole thing being “ludicrous, ridiculousness, taken whatever seriously”. Not much content there. If not, you should at least attempt to be correct. Crickets, anyone? Your serve?

  3. Just No, I moved to Del Norte county from San Bernardino County its not an issue about moving if it was my family would just move to Idaho

  4. YES! I will volunteer to work on the grass-roots Committee! Has any effort been put forward to form this committee?

    1. Thank you for your interest in volunteering Judy. The Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayer’s Association will be discussing this subject during the next meeting. Attendance and membership are free and you are welcome to attend. The next meeting date has yet to be established. If interested, you can visit the Taxpayer’s Association Facebook listing, or contact Donna Westfall, the Editor of the Crescent City Times for details. Looking forward to working with you toward a more prosperous and free Del Norte County.

  5. Seems like you all ought to MOVE TO IDAHO if you hate it so much here. What? You don’t like it when conservative messaging is used against you? LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.. What’s so wrong with that? California isn’t Idaho..

    1. Ah gee whiz Steve, somebody take your favorite toy this morning? Why move if it is as simple as voting to change the two State’s boundaries to reflect the values of the majority? Of course if it were to ever happen you might have to start thinking of moving south, maybe?

      1. Aww geez there, Sam, did you forget what country you’re living in? Our demkcratic notions ensure the majority rules. If the majority isn’t ruling in Del Norte, perhaps you need to have a voter registration drive. Don’t worry, no one takes your jefferson whatever or your Idaho whatever seriously.. This platform is little more than a place for you, ahem, “journalists” hahaha, to whine and complain about anything and everything.

          1. Because I think it’s good to point and laugh at extremists of any sort. I think those ideas should be ostracized in polite society.

  6. I think it’s absolutely what the majority of DN county would like to do. For as long as I’ve lived here there has been talk about The Jefferson movement to secede from California. The environment in which California is in makes now the time to evaluate what the citizens of DN want for their future.
    The reason people want to live in rural communities such as DelNorte is to get away from the ” Orwellian Tyranny ” that intrudes every aspect of life in the urban areas of the state. DelNorte has represented a place that’s free to have separate or opposing ideological beliefs and to live life as such (as long as it doesn’t harm others). The state overall has an increasing shift in ideologies that’s made people less tolerant of one other, driving intrusive legislation into every aspect of our lives. Coming from to the highest level of state government. Here in DelNorte county many align with more conservative values and want to live our lives in that way. We want our children to have the opportunity, should they choose, to live their lives with the individual freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution. This is the reasons we’ve made this area our home. What once was a personal view based on ones history or experience, and the reasons one lives in a particular way, is now being encroached on by those who don’t agree, dividing this country into an unsustainable environment.
    We have to be active in creating our own communities. Your voice matters and enough voices makes change, even if it’s just in name & policy. In my opinion, if you don’t get involved with making your community the environment in which you want to live, you’ll lose the rights to do so.

    1. You say “people want to.. get away from “Orwellian Tyranny” that invades every aspect of urban areas..” Have you lived in a big city? In CA or otherwise? There’s not much difference besides the availability of goods at all hours and a whole hell of a lot of traffic. There is exactly as much tyranny in rural areas as urban, which is to say little to none. If you pay your bills and are not rude to those around you, life can easily be managed in Los Angeles as in Crescent City.
      You say “What was once a personal view.. is now being encroached on by those who don’t agree, dividing the country..” Just because you live in the furthest areas toward a state’s border doesn’t make you any more or less of a part of that state. California has an extremely large population of diverse people, but we are ALL Californians. Living in a rural area doesn’t exclude you or your lifestyle from state law as determined by the legislators of State of California, voted in by the people. Who, exactly, do you imagine is encroaching on you? If you prefer a rural area with state laws that are currently more in alignment with your conservative values, I hear Idaho is quite nice. California isn’t Idaho.. Perhaps acceptance is in order.
      The Grand Experiment of the Unites States of America is a notion that ALL People are free and equal, not just the ones who hold conservative values. This idea was also designed with the understanding that perfection is unattainable. However, we gave the individual states the right to have their own microcosm of laws reflective of broader federal legislation which, through court cases and lawsuits could be tested for their function and efficiency. Once identified as an effective law, protecting the rights of citizens and serving the interests of the state, these laws could be adopted into the federal statutes and thereby over time forever PURIFY the effort to ENSURE freedom and liberty for all. It would seem that INSTEAD of that high ideal of American Greatness which would enshrine freedom, we’ve adopted a political pissing constest over which political party has the football this round. The CONSTANT back and forth of political ideology and the simultaneous steady decline of the American Dream being fulfilled has given us a very unhealthy democracy and a discourse that has lost it’s moral way. When LIES can be cast about on the Senate floor like so much confetti in a parade, we have SERIOUS problems. Labeling yourself a Republican or a Democrat is THE ONLY DIVIDING that has been done here in the USA. To hold these fanciful notions that you can collect enough signatures to change your county into a different state is the height of hubris. Your Conservative values have you begging to feel like someone or something is victimizing you so that you can cry foul. The only thing foul in this equation is that you wish to play the victim so hard that you want to leave the state without leaving the state. Are you seeing the ridiculousness yet?

      1. After having written two articles for the Times tonight, I will try to keep this comment brief. I also understand that you seem to think other people’s time is your own. I have lived in a fairly broad range of urban settings both in the US and abroad. I don’t think very many people would subscribe to your contention that other than in a few circumstances urban life was much more than completely similar to that in rural areas. Numbers alone make that argument suspect. Living in a rural area is very different from living in the city in far more ways than you have described, managed or otherwise. That description is far too simplistic. The idea that rural areas are “treated” the same is an absurd notion. Comparing the fact that California is a large and diverse state or that we have a uniform set of rules and regulations does not negate the differing effects that these ideas have on either urban or rural populations. Once again numbers dispute that line of thinking.
        While some of what you have to say I can agree with, how you wish for it to happen is at odds with historical precedent. For most folks who live in rural areas and do not find the need to have their hand held to be successful, it would seem that you are all too comfortable with your hand held by the government at all levels. That for many who call rural areas their home is not a particularly comforting thought and understandably sends them seeking a place to live that is less like a nanny state than California. Whether that idea is feasible is certainly not for you to decide unless you are called to do so. It may not come to pass, but be aware it is not impossible. There can be a great deal more to be said, but that will have to do for now. Your turn.

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