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Submitted by Roger Gitlin, Supervisor 1st District – June 15, 2016 –

Sutter Coast Hospital operates 24 hospitals and other facilities, almost all exclusively in Northern California.. Sutter is a non-profit hospital, but is firmly in the black reporting $10.8 in profits in 2014. Sutter reported $81 million in net revenue on $11 billion in revenue across its Chain. Since 2004, Sutter has enjoyed a huge spike in costs. Using claims data from Blue Shield of California, Sutter has increased per patient costs 113% from 2003/04 through 2013, while smaller Health system incresed thier copsts about 76%. These huge increases took place furing a relatively low inflationary period. The source of these facts comes from a Los Angeles TIMES article authoried by Michael Hiltzik. June 13, 2016.

My question is a simple one: Do you think not-for-profit Sutter Coast Hospital should pay it’s fair share of property taxes in Del Norte County? *

Please let me know your thoughts.

* Assessed valuation of Sutter Coast Hospital in Del Norte County aprroximately $38 million. 1% Prop 13 Tax = $380,000. 19% Del Norte County share approximately $72,000 per annum. Multiply tha # by 31 years Sutter has enjoyed serving Del Norte County= $2.23 million.

I would like to know if you would like me to request Discussion and possible action on the upcoming Board of Supervisors meeting June 28 whether our Board should request the State Board of Equalization to investigate the property tax exempt status of Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City California.

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