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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – June 25, 2019 –

It seems that common sense is becoming even more uncommon, if that is even possible.  Even doing the limbo, there is only so low that you can go.  On the other hand it may just be that most can’t get beyond their pedestrian approach and plebian knowledge to understand the why behind the actions.

The big topic last week was Iran’s destruction of the US’s $150 million drone over international waters.  Considering the fact that you could buy a brand new Boeing 737 in any of its configurations for under $120 million, I have to wonder what they have stuffed inside of this drone to make it that pricey.  I have not heard one talk show host or TV type even bring this up.

This provocative act naturally brought out the partisan debate between the hawks and doves with no middle ground reminiscent of our own 2nd Amendment dialogue.  Why does it have to be all or nothing?  I easily understand the extremist viewpoints of the military/industrial complex of war profits and the appeasers and weak kneed Willies raised by Dr. Benjamin Spock.

What happened to military intervention ala Reagan destroying the Iranian navy?  Even Trump reacted to Syrian gassing of their own people by launching missiles to destroy an aircraft base.  When we responded to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, Operation Desert Storm was not a prolonged war.  Lasting between August 2nd 1990 to February 28th 1991 with 148 battle deaths and 145 non-battle deaths, it showed exactly what is possible to achieve and how politicians continue to ruin the opportunity for the military to eliminate the second chance for dictators or tyrants to resume their megalomaniacal escapades.

Let’s look at those death figures and I must assume those did not include Iraqi military numbers.  Trump states “150 casualties is disproportionate”?  War is disproportionate.  The weaker regime loses more men and the other wins.  Those 150 would not have been civilian casualties.

So what exactly is Trump doing with this amelioratory stance?  Trump is trying to con his opponents into thinking that he isn’t rash in his actions or to remove their ability to portray him thusly.  Rash means irrationally emotionally reactive in my book and Trump is anything but that.  Trump far outthinks the others with whom he surrounds himself.

Is Trump simply giving the mullahs an opportunity to come to the table to negotiate?  These religious zealots and crackpots are ideologues much like the Left in this county so Trump knows exactly what to expect and how to deal with them, both of them.  Again, Trump is exposing both groups for who they are.

On the one hand does the US eliminate the mullahs only to make entry viable by the Muslim brotherhood?  This is what occurred in Libya thanks to Obama and his secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  It made no difference that Ghaddafi was working with the US as the fake Christian president we had demonstrated throughout his regime that Obama was no friend to the traditional foundation of this country.  If Trump could guarantee that the remaining Iranians would create their own democracy or even go back to having a Shah as ruler, there would be no question what he would have done.

On the other hand, we know Iran funds Hezbollah and Hamas.  John Bolton is under fire as a hawk but Bolton is who he needs to be and who we need him to be.  The government of Iran is in need of elimination.  They aren’t terrorists?  Let’s get closer regarding their treatment of the darlings of the Left.  Tell that to the LGBT’s they throw off of roofs.  So how is it the Left isn’t on board?  Answer: because the president is the Donald.

My conclusion is the following.  Much as Patton should have been allowed to go into Russia to take out Stalin immediately after World War 2 which would have prevented millions of deaths and much as Douglas MacArthur subsequently felt the impact of this poor decision by having to confront the Chinese who were aiding the North Koreans during the Korean War, Trump should take overwhelming action against Iran and its counterpart radical Islam.

From MacArthur’s own letter in 1951, “On 5 April, Representative Joseph William Martin Jr., the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, read aloud on the floor of the House a letter from MacArthur critical of Truman’s Europe-first policy and limited-war strategy.[330] The letter concluded with:

It seems strangely difficult for some to realize that here in Asia is where the communist conspirators have elected to make their play for global conquest, and that we have joined the issue thus raised on the battlefield; that here we fight Europe’s war with arms while the diplomats there still fight it with words; that if we lose the war to communism in Asia the fall of Europe is inevitable, win it and Europe most probably would avoid war and yet preserve freedom. As you pointed out, we must win. There is no substitute for victory.[331]

Not only is communism and religious progenerated conquest a disease, but so is the current mental disorder known as liberalism.  The tolerance and promotion of radicalism designed to alter the traditional structure and philosophy of American government should be loudly and demonstratively rejected.  Waiting or encouraging Iran to develop a nuclear bomb so the inherent problem expands is not a solution.  Talking has not stopped Iran from continuing its nuclear program.  Eliminating these terrorists will send a terminal message to Kim of North Korea.

The benefits far outweigh the negatives …

* * * * *

Next we have the Meet the Press Trump interview.  I had promised myself that I had listened to my last episode of this Leftist un-“think” tank but I had to hear more performance art out of curiosity.

While Chuck Todd’s almost hysterical attacks on Trump were no surprise and Trump easily handled him, I had to ask myself what was Trump’s purpose in giving Todd the interview?  Trump knows Todd is the enemy.  Was it campaign strategy or did Trump just want to watch the Left spin when he repeated his stances such as on the Russia hoax?

I found it amusing that Todd attempted to bring up statistics to prove his points on the economy where evidently Chuck has bought into the Obama lie that the recovery began at the end of Obama’s term.  We all know that generalized or summarized statistics can be manipulated to lie.  Let’s get real, UpChuck.  What types of jobs were generated?  Full time or part time?  Service or real goods production?  There is no comparison between the dismal economy of your hero and the vibrant economy we now enjoy.

Again, my conclusions: We are all being played and the players are being exposed as to their primordial goals on a continuous basis.  Those on the Left want misery and scarcity, the destruction of the greatest society and economy in history, and they have found a panoply of methods to achieve this.  Playing into this is the climate change scam which Todd also addressed.

Let me tell you my views on this.  This is simply subterfuge for the Left to achieve their mal-human goal of population reduction.  It isn’t bad enough that we have had those among us who are racists who want to eliminate specific portions of humanity such as Martha Sanger, but we have others who just believe there are too many humans in existence.

Global warming and enhanced crop production due to higher availability of carbon dioxide, a key component of photosynthesis for plants, should be lauded.  Global cooling, which historically destroyed crop production in Greenland, is the true concern.  Man and farting cows are not problematic.

I happened to listen to Mark Levin on Monday and he was addressing this subject also found in his new book, Unfreedom of the Press.  Levin was also responding to Chuck Todd’s and the rest of the miscreant Left’s exhortations that the majority of scientists agree the end of the world is near due to man made climate change.  Enter S. Fred Singer.

In brief research at a website opposed to Singer and his ilk, Singer’s professorial points that the science behind the UN research is flawed was exposed.  Singer also offers data from oceanic and land mass temperature collectors proving no increase in heat.

How is it that all we hear is the opposite?  Where is the truth?  The truth is we are all being played.

With the revealing that Google executives are plotting on using their company’s algorithms to alter the outcome of the next election, the proof is in that it isn’t just “all about the money”.  It is about controlling society, what you think and how you act.

This is nothing new.  It doesn’t make it any less sick …

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  1. Rash means irrationally emotionally reactive in my book and Trump is anything but that. Trump far outthinks the others with whom he surrounds himself. {I laughed so hard after I read this comment I couldn’t finish the rest of the column.}

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