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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – December 18, 2021

It isn’t that often that the City Council of Crescent City can be summed
up in one word…Idiots.  Idiocy, or stupidity, folly,
foolishness,madness, insanity, lunacy, silliness, brainlessness,
thoughtlessness, senselessness, lack of sense, indiscretion,
irresponsibility, injudiciousness, imprudence, rashness,
recklessness,ineptitude,inaneness, inanity, irrationality,illogicality,
absurdity, nonsense, ludicrousness, ridiculousness, fatuousness
,asininity, pointlessness, meaninglessness, futility, and fruitlessness
are all words that can be used to describe the Council’s action to
expend $10,000 of taxpayers money to support an effort to fund a “Sister
City Monument” in Beach Front Park.  Apparently it is lost on the City
Council, more specifically on Blake Inscore, Harley and Jill Munger,
Eric Wier the City’s Manager, and Cindy Vosberg of the Chamber of
Commerce, that any more money spent on this fraud does not and has not
benefited those that live in this County what so ever!!!

Eight thousand more dollars to an architect, PGAdesign, $10,000 to the
Mungers feed at the public trough, $180,00 for the actual monument, then
you ask yourself “For What Exactly”?  Sure we are being told it will
come from an expected $5 million dollar grant intended to fund an
expansion of Beach Front Park.  Is that the kind of lavish spending that
has become a priority for Crescent City?  What happened to fixing the
City’s roads?  Oh yes, more excuse for the City’s power elite and
friends, Harley and Jill Munger, Cindy Vosberg, are you getting this, to
plan future vacations to Japan at taxpayer expense.  Bath house visits
and appropriate lavish party’s included.

Cindy Vosberg can report all the “page views” she wants, but what
exactly does that mean for money in local businesses pockets? Blake
Inscore can be fixated with all sorts of ideas about making the
connection permanent as long as his “foundation” is willing to pay for
his ideas.  Thought not…..  The “foundation” came begging for tax
payer dollars to start their foolishness from the Board of Supervisors
and the Del Norte Solid Waste Authority to be turned away.  When exactly
will this train wreck die a graceful death and leave it to the students
at the High School to continue the relationship if it is truly meant to
exist.  The government in this County needs to bow out as they were not
invited in the first place.  Thanks a lot Blake Inscore, Chris Howard,
Jeff Harris, and all the other idiots that usurped what could have been
a good experience for the youth in this County.

While the actions of the City’s Council are incredibly stupid and
expensive, at least the Japanese have come back to earth.  Looks like
their recent attempt to keep the sister city agreement costs in check
will consist of a “Zoom exhibition” rather than more paid vacations to
Japan for our thoughtless elite to attend the festivities.  Will wonders
never cease.  Hopefully it will penetrate the consciousness of those at
the City’s Council that enough is enough.  Maybe get rid of the “usual
suspects” in the upcoming election 2022.  Blake Inscore are you listening?

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