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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – June 13, 2021

So now for the past six months plus we have been told that the current
“emergency” use of vaccines manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer are
considered safe.  Nothing to worry about.  Only a few relatively minor
issues with these two vaccines.  If you haven’t gotten the “jab”
already, we are here to “bribe” you or demand you must get one if you
plan on going to college, play a collegiate sports, attend a concert, or
a large sporting event.  Don’t believe all the misinformation about the
mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations that have slipped out around all the
assurances that the risks of a seriously severe outcome are minuscule. 
Of course if you are male, and 16 years or older, it just might be
understood if you are a bit hesitant.

On Friday, June 18th, the CDC will conduct an “emergency” meeting
concerning reports of increasing cases of myocarditis and pericarditis,
for the rest of us that means heart inflammation, primarily in young
males 16 years and up.  While the reported cases here in the United
State remain relatively small, in Israel where vaccinations have been
much more universally embraced, the numbers are reported to be much
higher.  Because males in this age group are considerably less likely to
experience serious effects from infection by the virus, should the cases
of heart inflammation in young males continue to rise the advantage of
being vaccinated vanishes.  With colleges and universities requiring
vaccination to attend  the summer and fall sessions, what can the
families of young healthy males be expected to do?

For families who face this dilemma, it is important to note that being
may mitigate the severity of the symptoms, and maybe even prevent
transmission to another person, but it IS NOT A CURE FOR THE VIRUS. 
Currently the two mRNA vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer are
EXPERIMENTAL and have not been fully tested by the FDA.  If the FDA
conducts proper vetting of the two vaccines, it will be several years
before there is enough data to determine whether or not these vaccines
can shed their experimental label.  Until then, people who have
reservations about being vaccinated with either vaccine should be
allowed to forgo the “jab”, both to work, or even go to college.

It is also important to note that the length of “protection” from the
vaccines is limited.   Those who received the vaccine in December or
January may no longer be fully protected.  There have been increasing
reports of fully vaccinated people becoming infected by the virus post
immunization.  A stark example of this was recently experienced on the
resumption of travel on a cruise ship.  Four days into a seven day
Caribbean cruise from St Maarten to Curacao, Celebrity Cruise Lines
reported two passengers testing positive for Covid on a fully vaccinated
ship load of passengers and crew that had all tested negative prior to
boarding.   The two were isolated on the ship but did not require
further treatment.

With the coming of Spring like so many previous experiences, infection
rates have declined as have hospitalizations and deaths.  As more
evidence mounts that the virus is not to be taken lightly, it, on the
other hand, has taken on a seriousness well beyond its actual
capabilities as a major health risk.  As long as those that have
noticeable symptoms take reasonable precautions, masking, distancing,
and even vaccination are unnecessary.   As in 41 other States where this
is the case, California should return all its citizens back to normal
life and Governor Newsom should relinquish his crown.

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