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By Michael Ceremello – April 6, 2020

It looks like no one can get beyond the flu.  This is all that is talked about day and night, seven days a week, and politicized on top of its misnomer label of pandemic.

Let’s get past the seasonal aspect, the lethal potential, and the impact on our medical system.  As I am not the typical sheep even while living in Lambtown USA otherwise known as Dixon, I try to not be inhibited by the panic and foolishness of others.  I am not into licking doorknobs or my hands after touching one.  A little common sense goes quite a ways.

There are writers out there, ones who continue to promote this fallacy much as they promote global warming, cooling, or climate change (your choice), who are saying to look at what social distancing has done for those of us in California and Washington.  This one writer was comparing California to New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Maybe Los Angeles and San Francisco might have similarities but most of California is quite spread out geographically although the world government planners would love to have all of us living in packed quarters.  There is a reason there are very few cases in the Central Valley except for maybe Sacramento.

The brilliant conclusion of the author is sheltering in place and social distancing is working.  Well no kidding.  If you don’t come in contact with anyone at all, what would you expect?  This junior Einstein is another mainstream media parrot pushing you toward being a big government supporter and pawn no matter what they want to do.

To demonstrate my point about the panic-demic, follow the herd mentality, grocery stores and other “essential services” have joined the bleating politicians being advised by doomsayer doctors in covering their reputations.  Go to Walmart to see where a little power goes.

We all used to be able to walk right into the store using either of two entrances.  Now these geniuses have blocked off one, put grocery carts out with “caution” tape strung in between them, and are forcing people to enter this “aisle” which starts at the closed entrance then walk the length of pavement to the one exit door entrance to the facility.  By the way, the lane is marked with blue tape every six feet.

When I got there, no one was walking in the lane.  I asked one of the two sub 100 IQ individuals guarding the entrance, “so I have to go all the way around?”, while figuring I could just duck under the ribbon.  Of course he said “yes” so I got my cardio exercise for the day and asked another employee at the closed entrance why this was being done.  “Social distancing” was the answer.  Social distancing from whom, as no one else was entering?

Next example, Costco.  The store is limiting the amount of people who can enter at one time.  They don’t limit how long the line is waiting to go into the store or how close you are together, either in your party or as a congregation.  They are spraying the handle area of their carts with who knows what toxic chemical.

What both of these stores are missing is the fact that customers handle product and many times put what they don’t want back.  It’s bad enough that toilet paper and sanitizing products are still missing, but tell me why they refuse to take your membership card to scan it if it has been in your purse or wallet?  You touched it.  I touched my money too.  So how does it get in their cash register?

If you want to know where the Left really wants to go with all of this, try listening to CBS radio at 910 on the AM dial or KGO.  “We can’t have voting at polling places.  This needs to be a mail in ballot election only.”  Only have one question for you and that is who cheats or wants to cheat during elections more, Republicans or Democrats?

Why is it Democrats don’t want voter ID and one vote per person?  How is it discriminatory to assure that you are entitled to vote and you aren’t voting for someone else?  Similar to “ballot harvesting”, which the Leftist unions did to rid California of its last conservative enclaves such as in Orange County, sending ballots to families allows one politically involved person to make the choice for all who would just sign their ballot and turn them over to him or her.

So I have discussed the up close and personal aspect of altering every day life and looked at one point of concern for taking control of our government, a government which is aiming at controlling even more of our freedom and choices.  It isn’t like this is the first or last time the flu bug will hit during a winter.  Remember, these are the same people who touted Ebola, Swine Flu, West Nile virus all as pandemics which never came to fruition.  By the way, the flu always spreads worldwide so what is so different now?

I find it interesting that the next wave of those who want to govern can say with a straight face “in liberty” as a sign off to a letter to the editor which demonstrates “moderation” as the Devil’s tea.  Attempting to find logic in the creation of a local fine structure as an alternative to fine and/or imprisonment for committing a misdemeanor as defined by the county, a misdemeanor by the way which is unconstitutional on its face and perpetrated by unelected bureaucrats, somehow leaves me aghast at the mental corruption of our youth.

Why is it that few politicians can grasp that taking away the First Amendment right, “… the right of the people peaceably to assemble …” is illegal for any reason without the declaration of martial law?  This is the reason we continue to hear confusing debate as to whether these orders or mandates are such or simply suggestions.  Those who really understand the law and the rule of law see this clearly.

I will continue to suggest to you to use your head and the legal excuses within the so called orders.  It is unfortunate that those in business are being forced, at the point of a gun, to shut down their restaurants or bars.  In New York we already saw a mayor tell his citizens how big of a soft drink they can purchase.  We have seen government telling us what light bulbs we can use and the types of toilets we can flush.  We aren’t on a slippery slope.  We are buried in its much half way down.

Being the rebel that I am, it might seem odd that I will comply with the suggestion to wear a mask.  I have one all picked out.  It is a Guy Fawkes’ mask.  The vendetta I have is against tyrannical government no matter who is in charge of it, a boy wonder or the one who demonstrates what happens when you can’t “… keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you”.  Yes, I didn’t miss the denunciation of those of us who would willfully, “flagrantly and repeatedly” violate an unconstitutional order which is not a law.

Where is John Galt when you need him?  He sure as hell isn’t living in Dixon …

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