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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – June 15, 2021

As expected, our slick backed haired empty suit, Governor Gavin Newsom
has clarified what to him “getting back to normal really means”.  Most
folks would assume normal means just that, but not so for Newsom.  In
Monday’s presser, Newsom made it very clear what normal means for him,
it just might not match up with anyone else’s return to normal.  First
and foremost, California’s State of Emergency has not been suspended. 
Newsom can bring California back to the stringent mandates we have
experienced for nearly a year and a half with the stroke of the
emperor’s pen.  Being vaccinated means very little in Newsom’s world
because he is very likely acquainted with the fact that the experimental
mRNA vaccines by Phizer and Moderna are more likely to produce negative
health outcomes than being infected by the virus itself.

In addition, all Californians will continue to abide by Newsom’s edicts
in much of our daily life.  Mask wearing, social distancing is required
any place public transit is involved.  Whether you are vaccinated or
not, you will be required to mask up while riding in airplanes, trains,
buses, taxis, ships, ferries, subways, and hailed rides.  Airports, bus
terminals, marinas, train stations, and subway stations are also on the
list.   Schools, child care centers, prisons, health care centers, long
term care facilities, emergency shelters, homeless shelters, and cooling
centers are on the list as well.  The governor has announced that
employees at businesses and their customers can also be required to
distance and wear a mask, vaccinated or not.

While the rules may be changed in the future, no date has been set.  It
is unclear whether the tier system is still in place, but high tiers
such as the three County’s that remain in the “Red Tier”, Del Norte
being one of them, are unlikely to see much of a change, and it would
appear that California as a whole will only be marginally better off.  
While the empty suit Newsom was claiming vaccinated individuals “could
return to normal activities sans mask and distancing” with few
restrictions, the list trotted out seems far from a few exceptions.

What is more troubling, is that while claiming individuals can “self
attest” to vaccination status there is clear movement on the governor’s
part to move towards some form of vaccination passports either paper or
some form of electronic app on your smart phone. The unvaccinated can
clearly be treated as second class citizens at businesses, public
places, buildings and many public events . If any vaccine was truly the
answer to this outbreak and wasn’t subject to an increasing number of
failures to protect one’s health, voluntary inoculation could perhaps be
encouraged, but that is yet to be the case.   Even vaccines approved by
the FDA have long and storied careers of being problematic.   The
current crop has not been green lighted by the FDA nor has the history
of large numbers of these vaccinations been examined.  Until that occurs
no one knows for sure what the new vaccines will be able to accomplish. 
In six months or so, we are likely to find out, and may not like the

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