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By Angry Old American, Copyright March 16th, 2020. All Rights Reserved.

CAUTION: This letter contains offensive language directed toward more than a few local knuckleheads. Angry Old American is a self-described unrepentant Hater who eschews Political Correctness. By continuing to subject your frail and sensitive eyes and mind to these materials you agree not to hunt down, torture and kill Angry Old American or sue the Publisher.

DANGER! Turn back while you still can.

Life is grinding to a halt during our National State of Emergency with the hope that “Social Distancing” may contain the global Pandemic. Many of us who were too busy making ends meet through the Daily Grind have time to stop and reflect. That is a good thing.

As our Mainstream News Media feeds us the latest facts and figures about the Wuhan Flu, Novel Coronavirus, Covid-19, we have watched the US Stock market dive approximately 30%. Economies are slowing globally. We are watching a temporary shut-down of our Global trade system.

Over the period of decades, our global economic system evolved into an efficient yet fragile model where items are manufactured to be delivered “Just in Time” for the consumer to make their purchase. By eliminating warehouse storage space, the savings could be passed on to the consumer or add to corporate profits. If disruptions happen in one region due to disaster, then other regions can pick up the slack.

However, the designers of this “Just in Time” system never envisioned a Global Disaster. Due to the Pandemic, one Nation after another are closing their borders to travel. Critical goods needed by their own population are banned from export. Just like a human body sent into shock by physical trauma; circulation to the extremities is curtailed and the blood is channeled to the central core of critical functions to maintain survival.

Those caught short by the news of Pandemic made last-minute panic purchases to prepare for isolation. The magnitude of purchases crashed the distribution system as many manufacturers could not keep up with the phenomenal burst of demand.

Here, in the United States, people are being urged to limit purchases to a one week supply. At the same time, the elderly are being urged to self-isolate for two or more weeks. In the San Francisco Bay Area an estimated seven million people have been ordered to “Shelter in Place” for the next three weeks. Not a pretty scenario.

What is most disconcerting is the refusal of our young people to adhere to bans on public gatherings. This rebellion in the face of requests for compliance will ultimately lead to a crack-down of enforcement against our society as a whole.

We pay for our personal liberty and freedom from oppression with personal responsibility. If we do not self-isolate when asked, then expect to be ordered to do so. A few irresponsible local knuckleheads can remove what personal liberties the rest of us enjoy. Parents and responsible family members should reinforce the message of self-isolation and social distancing to their young. Neighbors should reinforce this message to those less responsible in their community. If we do not self-enforce, then we will all face more draconian measures through the law.

The time to properly prepare for a National State of Emergency was over the moment it was declared. The frenzied crowds seen clearing stores in the midst of a Pandemic were a day late and a dollar short. Only those living in total denial were left scavenging for scarce goods. If this is a description of you, then I am sorry; but not very sympathetic.

We live in a region susceptible to Tsunami. We are drilled annually to prepare for the “Big One” that will wipe out much of our local coastal region. We have conducted these drills for well over a decade. We were all told, time and again, that our personal preparedness responsibility was to have food, water and survival gear to maintain ourselves and our loved ones for two full weeks and have evacuation plans and a “Bug-out Bag” in order if the situation required.

Storms and mudslides routinely shut down roads and bring power disruptions to Del Norte County. How many times have these events already happened on a small scale? Not to be prepared for at least two weeks of independent living is to court disaster during a State of Emergency. That is what we have, a National State of Emergency.

Please, don’t crash the system through thoughtless and short-sighted action. Many of our Joe and Jane working stiffs are going to be laid-off temporarily or permanently as a consequence of their businesses, offices and agencies closing in response to the global pandemic. Others face lay-offs because of the global financial meltdown. Most have been so busy putting food on the table and raising kids to give much thought to local guidelines or what to do during an emergency. Now they will have the time to research and plan.

Responsible, hard-working, resourceful, ethical and moral people are worth their weight in gold. They are the stalwart backbone of society and carry the load. We will see existing systems around us crumble as this Pandemic progresses and we subsequently slip into economic recession. It is to our best interests to support our critical infrastructure and maintain social order. We can all make a huge contribution by becoming more self-reliant. Assisting the authorities in their mission to maintain the peace and security of our community is paramount.

These “Shelter in Place” and social distancing orders are important, and the young folks who feel invulnerable should understand the underlying message. The medical system will not be able to operate normally when huge numbers of infected people flood their facilities. Accidents, injuries, over-doses, and other consequences of cavalier and often irresponsible activity can no longer be accommodated. Children and “Young Adults” should stay home lest they become an unintended casualty or a danger to themselves and those around them.

We are two weeks behind the horrors being experienced in Italy. The next two weeks will expose both the character of our people, and the future that we all will face.

Restrictions and shut-downs are only for a matter of weeks? Let us hope so. Pray for the best; but plan an prepare for the worst. Spend your resources and time wisely. If you are lacking necessities, then learn to improvise. Most people have a computer with access to the internet. Learn how to make what you need and fix items that might be broken. My generation had to do so through necessity without the aid of an internet!

God bless the Republic, what remains of it.

It is time to wake up!


Angry Old American


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