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By Angry Old American

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Most of us have heard of “Global Warming,” and recently of “Man-made Climate Change;” yet few have heard of climate change tied to Solar Cycles. We should all be aware of the effects that our Sun has upon our Earth. As it turns out, most terrestrial processes that we take for granted are guided by our Sun.

In recent memory, the consensus of opinion from “expert scientific commentary” quoted by the mainstream media claimed that man-made carbon emissions are the sole contributor to “Global Warming.” When the planet began to cool, the catch-phrase was changed to “Global Climate Change;” but the catalyst remained the same. The experts point to mountains of data about industrial pollution pumping particulates and gasses into the atmosphere that radiate heat back to earth causing a “Greenhouse Effect.” This subsequent Greenhouse Effect causes polar ice to melt, along with permafrost which traps massive volumes methane gas. Methane rich flatulence from animals, especially cow farts add immeasurably to this process. According to the narrative, as this methane is released, it eventually causes an ever-increasing chain reaction resulting in the end of all life on Earth. This narrative has been repeated by so many sources, for so long, that we take their conclusions for granted as gospel. Established political bodies have heeded these warnings and demand human intervention as a way to reverse Manmade Climate Change!

What these scientists fail to mention is data collected from ice core samples taken from the poles and various glaciers. What caused global climate change prior to the influence of human beings and our industries? Are we to assume that previous ice ages were caused by Cave Bear industrial pollution and Wooly Mammoth farts?

The ice core samples unearthed during studies contained the climate history of the Earth. Layer upon layer of snow and ice were sandwiched between layers of chemical and particulate contaminants, many of which were traced to volcanic activity. So precise is this data that scientists can identify which volcano caused an event simply through analysis of its chemical and particulate signature. These ice core samples have also shown a clear pattern that correlates with Solar Cycles reaching back many millennia.

Meanwhile, Google and other online sources are rife with articles pointing to Grand Solar Minimums and Maximums as crackpot theories that dismiss humanity as the sole source of Climate Change. This is much like our view of the solar system prior to Copernicus; when the Sun, planets and stars were believed to revolve around the Earth. Now these Man-made Climate Change religious zealots want us to believe that radical changes in the Earth are created solely through the actions of Humankind. What these proponents of Man-made Climate Change never tell us is precisely what Solar Minimums and Maximums are, or the scientific basis for these phenomenon.

What are Solar Maximums and Minimums?

In simple language, a Solar Maximum is when there are the most Sunspots. During these times, solar radiation is relatively constant. The Earth has a strong magnetic field during Solar Maximums and we have little tectonic movement to cause earthquakes and volcanic activity. The Magnetosphere and Ionosphere are likewise strong and deflect cosmic radiation along with malicious asteroids and meteorites. Weather patterns during a Solar Maximum are mild, predictable and rather boring.

Then the Sun’s magnetic poles reverse and this causes the Sunspots to disappear. This is called a Solar Minimum. The effects of this Solar Minimum are felt throughout the Solar System. On Earth, we experience the opposite of a Solar Maximum. The Earth’s magnetic field, magnetosphere, and ionosphere weaken; allowing earthquakes, volcanoes, cosmic radiation and meteor strikes. Weather is colder and more unpredictable.

Grand Solar Maximums and Minimums are just what they sound like; they are highly exaggerated versions of Solar Maximums and Minimums. The chain of events during a Grand Solar Maximum lead to high human populations and the rise of civilizations; and Grand Solar Minimums lead to the reverse.

The Ice Age

Our Earth is still technically in an “Ice Age.” Climate Science states that as long as there is year-round ice and snow on at least one spot of the planet, we are in an Ice Age. These Ice Age Epochs are fueled by cyclic variations of the Earth’s rotational motion which occur over approximately 120,000 year periods according to the Milankovitch Theory. Between these Major Ice Age Epochs, there are cycles of “Little Ice Epochs” which occur on average every 2,300 years. Then, depending upon the severity, there are either Mini Ice Ages, or Grand Solar Minimums. These Grand Solar Minimums or Mini Ice Ages happen on a bicentennial basis.

Modern humans emerged from the last Great Ice Age Epoch approximately 18,000 years ago, with a warm climate finally appearing around the year 9,000 BC. Our first recorded civilization emerged in Sumeria in approximately 4,500 BC. Because human survival depended on the study of earth cycles and weather, careful observations were made by tribal hunter gatherers when there were no more than oral traditions and histories. These observations were not just of the changes on Earth, but in the sky. Indeed, the stars and astronomy became the Television of its time. As agriculture and writing emerged, records of these observations were methodically kept. Those who studied astronomy and the cycles of Earth became the priests and early god-kings. In the absence of common knowledge of periodic Lunar and Solar eclipses, the god-kings could claim their own personal supernatural power over such events. In the eyes of the ignorant masses, it was the god-king who brought periodic rains and floods, and had the power to quench the sun and moon.

During the past eighteen thousand years, from the end of the last “Great Ice Age” til now, there have been approximately nine “Little Ice Age Epochs” and

over ninety “Mini Ice Ages.” The Little Ice Age Epochs led to massive crop losses, famines, pandemics, mass-migrations, social instability, rebellions, wars, and ultimately resulted in the collapse of multiple civilizations worldwide.

The history of Sunspot Cycles

We are a Civilization awakening from a very long sleep. It has taken over two thousand years to wipe the sleep from our eyes.

In 48 BC, Julius Caesar was credited with the accidental destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria by fire. The Great Library was established between 283 and 246 BC by Ptolemy II as part of the Mouseion, a research facility dedicated to the nine Muses. The Great Library of Alexandria was a repository for all knowledge in the World that he Alexander the Great had conquered. Any ship or traveler stopping in Alexandria who possessed a book, scroll or parchment was required to surrender it “on loan” to be copied and stored in the Great Library. The destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria resulted in the accumulated knowledge of the known world being erased from existence. Among these lost texts were a treasure-trove of astronomical studies and records. Though a few had been transcribed and taken to Rome, most are now lost forever.

In 436 AD, Mount Tambora (Krakatoa) in Indonesia exploded with a far greater force than in recent times. To this day, the Tambora explosion of 436 AD is the largest volcanic eruption in recorded human history. This volcanic explosion was preceded by a Grand Solar Minimum that developed into a Mini Ice Age. The ash cloud from Tambora caused global cooling, and a subsequent migration of warrior tribes to temperate climates throughout the world. The Huns displaced the Visigoths and Vandals and subsequent waves of these cultures along with Northern Vikings invaded Rome. The Republic of Rome relied on bread and the Circus Maximus to sedate its mob of citizens and slaves; but bread was the most important. Along with famine, the “barbarian” invasions and internal unrest heralded the end of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. During this century long cold period, there was also the “Plague of Justinian” in 541 & 542 AD. A massive outbreak of the bubonic plague in the Eastern Roman Empire would spread westward and lead to 10% of the world’s population dying. At its peak, Constantinople alone lost 10,000 people per day, and the government stopped counting the dead after 250,000 losses; they were too busy clearing the rotting corpses.

Another Grand Solar Minimum would lead to the “Little Ice Age” that began roughly in 1290 AD. Most lakes and rivers in Europe froze over, as well as the entire Baltic Sea. This prolonged period of cold ultimately led to the collapse of the Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium, in 1453 AD. Once again, crop failures led to famine, mass migration and competition among neighboring cultures. There was also a massive outbreak of the “Black Death” that traveled from Asia westward. Between 1346 and 1353, half the population of Europe died.

During the “Little Ice Age,” after the collapse of the Roman Empire, the entire Western World slipped into the “Dark Ages.” The Roman Empire’s fall erased most of Rome’s records. What little knowledge remained from the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria and the collapse of Roman Civilization was salvaged and maintained in secluded Catholic Monasteries during a feudal period of theocratic rule.

The science of the Dark Ages was dominated by philosophical views of Saint Augustine, who viewed the Earth and Man as the center of the known cosmos.

Eventually, heretics like Copernicus emerged to challenge the dogmatic science defended by the Church. Galileo was the first to document the Solar phenomena known as “Sunspots.” Careful records were kept about these Sunspots and their subsequent effects upon the earth.

Sunspot “Cycles” were established between years with many spots, and those with few. After careful study, these Sunspot Cycles (Schwab Cycles) were found to last from seven to seventeen years, with the average occurrence of eleven years.

Our Earth remained in the Little Ice Age until our last Grand Solar Minimum known as the “Dalton Minimum,” between 1793 and 1830. In 1815, the Dalton Minimum was punctuated by a second smaller eruption of Mount Tambora. The sound of the explosion of Krakatoa was heard 1,600 miles away; the gasses and particulates pumped into the upper atmosphere led to 1816 being a “year without a summer” along with global famines.

The Gulf Stream and Climate

A strong flow of cold fresh water flowing from the poles meets warm salt water from the Equator. Salt water and fresh do not mix completely; the saltiest water sinks and fresher water from ice melt, rain, and runoff floats atop. Currents of shallow fresh water brine, and deeper salt water flow in opposite directions. These currents are known as the “Gulf Stream.” The Gulf Stream is produced by heavier salt water carrying warmth from the Equator moving Northward in the Northern Hemisphere; and Southward in the Southern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, the shallow cold fresh water brine moves from the North and South Poles to the Equator. This hot and cold conveyor-belt stabilizes our climate and creates weather.

Solar Cycles and the Gulf Stream

There is a significant increase in tectonic and volcanic events during Grand Solar Minimums. On a positive note, the particulates and gasses ejected by volcanoes protect the inhabitants of the Earth from damaging cosmic radiation. The magnetosphere and ionosphere that normally deflect cosmic radiation are too weak to efficiently do their job. So, a blanket of ash and gasses in the upper atmosphere help absorb these dangerous cosmic rays.

On the downside, the ejected materials cause

global cooling by shielding the Sun’s warmth. The particulates also fall to earth and cause ice melt.

Our magnetic poles have been gradually shifting over the past hundred years. There have also been 32 volcanic eruptions since 2001 alone. These and many other “active volcanoes” continue to dump high levels of pollutants into the upper atmosphere. With a tip of the hat to the Man-made Global Climate Change establishment, there is also a significant amount of human produced particulates and gasses.

Clean white ice and snow reflect solar energy instead of absorbing it; thus preserving ice and snow from melting. When volcanic eruptions happen, dark particulates settle and accumulate atop ice and snow resulting in the absorption of solar radiation and melting. Massive ice loss from glaciers, and at the Poles, leads to more fresh water in the ocean and a dilution of heavier salt water.

The 2004 movie “The Day After Tomorrow” focused on such an event. When the salinity of this ocean conveyor belt drops significantly, then extreme weather events occur in a very big way. It could even result in a resurgence of another Little Ice Age. Keep in mind that we left the last Little Ice Age less than 200 years ago. With Grand Solar Minimums having a periodicity of 200 years, we are due for our next major event, and may well be in it now.

As we speed into a period of global cooling, Nature will rebuild the glaciers and ice pack at the Poles. Where exactly the Poles will reemerge is still open to speculation because we are also in the midst of a magnetic pole shift.

Doubt that such a thing could happen?

Antarctica has lost chunks of ice the size of many US States. These mega-Icebergs are melting. On the West Coast of the United States, we are already seeing the effects. Kelp beds that supported rich populations of fish along the coast have disappeared because of predation from sea urchins. The urchins were able to move into deeper waters because the alkalinity of the ocean has significantly dropped. Plankton and Krill, the backbone of all ocean life are likewise disappearing. Of course, Environmentalist California’s answer to the problem is to limit water usage for agriculture and drinking water so more fresh water can flow into the ocean.

So, is climate change happening?

Absolutely, Global Climate Change is happening. The big event actually started just prior to the Mayan Calendar ending in December of 2012. Does anyone remember scientists stating the Earth shifted on its axis with the December 26th 2004 Indonesian 9.1 to 9.3 magnitude Earthquake? This was one of the largest Earthquakes recorded and killed an estimated 225,000 people along the coasts of dozens of countries with a massive Tsunamis. Then there was the massive magnitude 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan on March 11th 2011. This earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed more than 20,000 people.

The most important question is whether the human race can actually have any significant impact on Global Climate Change. As I mentioned earlier, there are those who have studied astronomical cycles and used their knowledge to control populations since the beginning of the first human civilization. These became our god-kings, high-priests and grand-poobahs. Our “Climate Change Experts” have become our new grand-poobahs.

Is the information from our Man-made Climate Change Gurus 100% credible? In my opinion they are spouting half-truths. The funding for their studies comes from institutions that are looking for data to support their chosen hypothesis. In this case, they want data to support a theory that “Human Activity is solely responsible for Global Climate Change.” They have a vested interest in supporting this hypothesis because there is much money to be made. It is in the best interests of “Climate Change Experts” to arrive at conclusions that support this theory; not to do so would mean a lack of funding. Once again, money dictates the truth.

Man-made Global Climate Change is being challenged by a growing number of scientists who acknowledge the history of Solar Cycles and their impact on Global Climate. I am also sure that the proponents of the Man-made Global Climate Change model are aware of the truth regarding Solar Cycles. This truth simply does not support their agenda and is conveniently ignored.

The more important question is whether mankind can actually alter climate; even if all efforts and resources were dedicated to the task. Certainly we can make small changes in weather. Mankind has been able to produce localized rain for decades. However, climate is totally different.

Can an industrial slowdown and population reduction make a significant change of Climate? It seems that we are betting our very lives on it. It takes industry to support a population. If history is any indication of what is to come, global population will meet the same fate that every Grand Solar Minimum brings. Our human numbers, along with many other species, will be reduced naturally through famine, disease, pestilence, public unrest, and wars.

The politics of purchasing “Carbon Credits” and cessation of industry to address Climate Change is no more than extortion to further enrich the privileged few. It is simply a way for the United Nations and other social engineering “experts” to get a return on investment for all the Man-made Climate Change studies they sponsored.

As for population reduction, both the Maya and Aztecs tried to accomplish that by offering human hearts and souls to feed the Sun. Didn’t work for them, and I doubt it will work for us.

In my humble opinion, Global Climate Change is with us and there is no chance whatsoever of reversal. Yet, I am not an “expert” being paid big bucks by the grand-poobahs to tell the world what they want us to hear.


Angry Old American

3 thoughts on “Solar Cycles and Climate Change”
  1. Solar Activity has been very quiet for last 20 years, so I don’t think we can fully attribute any change to that alone.

    1. Very true, but temperature variation world wide has also been very modest. Not much warming, and not much cooling. None the less, until scientists can have sufficient time to collect real time data there remain questions about the amount of radiation that the earth receives during the cycle and the differences between solar maximums and minimums. Unfortunately Green House gas theory has the same need. The same can be said for the human caused warming as well. There is very little that can be cast in stone when it comes to forecasting climate now or even a few years into the future.

  2. When I first read this article, I must admit that the reading was cursory and only after several readings did it accumulate a variety of historic and scientific errors. While setting it to reflect historical and scientific development on a more recognizable form is beyond the scope of a simple comment, perhaps an article later. What is important to note is that solar cycles while an interesting way to explain “climate change”, it suffers from a number of problems as does “human caused climate change”. The problems found in the theory do not necessarily exclude it as part of the explanation for climate variability, it just means we do not know enough about the correlation between solar cycles(despite 265 years of data accumulation) and climate variability in the first place to make a determination as to just how much solar radiation fluctuation dictate climate. The problems for explaining climate change on the basis of “we have evaluated all of the possible explanations for global heating and found that none suit, so therefore; it can only be human causality” are rather more significant. Kind of like saying we have tried to explain it EVERY WAY WE CURRENTLY KNOW HOW, but came up empty, so it can only be explained by human causation. Pretty sloppy “science”, but I won’t tell if you won’t. The vaunted “green house gas effect” has not been able to explain warming or cooling any better than solar cycles. Each has its own set of difficulties. I have to admit that the human causation rational has some pretty significant historical climate events to over come if it is to survive as a plausible explanation for climate variability. All that being said, the science of climate has a ways to mature before the kind of hysteria that has enfolded it over the past twenty five years can actually be taken seriously enough to behave in the way we are doing so currently. Science has never worked very well in a completely monetized political climate. Climate change hysteria should be a stark warning to that effect.

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