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There is an old saying and it goes like this, “ Men who are bald in the front are thinkers, men who are bald in the back are lovers and men who are bald front and back think they are lovers”. I am here to tell you the part about men who are bald in the front are thinkers is a FALLACY.


Rich Enea

Rich Enea

Today, Rich Enea, (bald in the front) and Mike Sullivan(bald in the front) along with Rick Holley voted to spend $6,000.00 of the Solid Waste monies on membership dues for the Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority of the Regional Council of Rural Counties for Fiscal 2013- 2014 year, which began August 31, 2013?

This membership, according to the Acting Director Ted Ward, “gives a comprehensive explanation on how to handle organics”. Really, you need to spend $6,000.00 to get some research information that can be taken off the internet to figure out how to handle organics. I am astonished.  Mr. Enea lead the public to believe he was going to vote no on this matter, and then when it came to voting did a complete 360 and voted YES to approve foolishly spending $6,000.00.

Earlier Mr. Sullivan was concerned about $29,000.00 missing from the money pot, but was generously throwing away money like Crescent City Payroll Department, (in case you missed that council meeting, Eric Taylor is now making $78,000/year as the new Community Development Head) by spooning out a “”YES” vote on the profound membership dues of $6,000.00. Where is the line drawn?

Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan


Rick Holley

Rick Holley


Earlier in the meeting sparks flew when these board members announced having meetings with potential solid waste consultants, (RFP) where Mr. Enea advised the public, “Currently the Brown Act is suspended in California, and although it is suspended, Del Norte County still upholds the Brown Act and informs the people”.  However it was the first that the public learned of the RFP’s as well as Roger Gitlin who commented on the matter.

The expenses for hiring these RFP’S, a married man and women team, is a meager $13,300.00 for the 8 tasks that they are assigned to and then another $3,375.00 for expenses.  These expenses include 5 days at the various facilities operated by the Authority, four nights lodging in Crescent City, mileage allowance of 5 round trips from Fortuna, to Crescent City and two rural sites, travel time and 6 bound final reports. The rate used for lodging, meals and incidentals is the governmental per diem allowance, (I kind of doubt it). The total for this lucky consultant win is a mere $16, 675.00. Now I wonder do they take out taxes on this?

I am sure we, the people, will not have to worry about this effecting our garbage price collection, because the money the Waste Authority receives from inaccurate boost in weights will pay for the $16, 675.00.

Excuse me while I try to stop gagging.


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