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Commentary by Samuel Strait – August 17, 2022

Seems that there are a few laggards that have not learned anything about
Covid-19, masking, “vaccines”, and what has been spun as “protecting” us

from the inevitable end of days.  I suppose it starts at the top where
we have a befuddled, near octogenarian at the helm of the Federal
Government, who has to be told when to wear his face diaper and coached
as to what the message is on any given day.   It goes on from there to
our state’s “empty suit”, who loves to wave a scepter when demanding
everyone in his State to humble themselves to his will.  That leaves
just our local “Lord” who must be illiterate, not to have known that
Covid practices over the past two and a half years have been found to be
wanting and moved on.

It is clear to more and more of the population that “vaccines” did not
become a game changing practice that was to eradicate Covid-19.  In
fact, recent discoveries from real scientists, not those of Dr. Anthony
Fauci copies, have found that vaccines, if they had any effectiveness in
reducing the symptoms of the virus at all, it was only for a few weeks. 
Similarly they have found that those who had Covid and then were
vaccinated, were more than one and a half times more likely to be
reinfected than those that were not vaccinated.  The list of the
failures of the vaccines rushed into service does not end there.  Recent
studies have concluded that there are a growing number of side effects
from being vaccinated, some mild, and some deadly.

Coupled with the now well recognized conclusions that masking, social
distancing, and lock downs were completely pointless and caused far more
harm than benefit to public health, any continuation of these policies
should be met with total and complete refusal to comply.  If Government,
Public Health, and the Media are to have any place in society going
forward, let alone any credibility, they should recognize the failure of
these policies and move on.  The idea that the Federal Government, and
States like California, will continue to stock pile vaccines that have
no useful purpose should not be lost on the public.  Thirty million
doses of vaccines paid for with tax dollars have been destroyed recently
because the public has woken to the fact that the vaccine no longer has
any practical benefit in combating the virus.  Vaccines do not prevent
infection.  Vaccines do not appear to be beneficial after a few weeks
from injection.  New therapeutics have been developed which have proven
to be as effective in treatment  and reducing complications from
infection, over the question of when was your last vaccine booster.

Those that continue the failed practices of mask wearing and social
distancing should be treated kindly as if their cognitive abilities have
failed them.  This is after all a free country, and they have the
perfect right to continue to mask up and avoid personal contact with the
world.  Being virtuous is a saving grace after all.   So is
foolishness.  Governing bodies that continue with these practices should
move from mandates and “states of emergencies” to “recommendations” so
as to not be completely out of step with prevailing science and
completely embarrassed when that science has become mainstream in the
public domain.  Covid-19 is endemic should be treated as any other
common virus.  End testing at every turn and get on with life.  The era
of Covid should be quietly buried and its policies never repeated in
this Country.  We have far more pressing issues on the horizon.

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