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By Linda Sutter – October 27, 2020

At today’s, Oct 27th  Del Norte County Board of Supervisor’s ZOOM meeting, Jeff McCaddon and I spoke during public comment.

Jeff McCaddon’s comments are already published relating to the sales tax increase and the fact that up to $40,000 of taxpayer’s money was being spent to sway the  public to vote Yes on Measure R.

My comments were based on my contention that the salaries of their top earners don’t justify a need for a sales tax increase.  Let’s look at this:

Jay Sarina $197,000

Heidi Kunstal $183,000

Sheriff Apperson $175,000 and all County officers make over $100,000 a year.

Towards the end of the meeting, while Dr. Rehwaldt was making his presentation, the Secretary Of State’s Office called me. I learned that the SOS referred this matter to the Fair Political Practices Commission because this is not the jurisdiction of the SOS. However, he did say that it’s unlawful to use taxpayer’s money for a campaign.

During the meeting, County Administration Officer, Jay Sarina, said that he initiated this expenditure and did not need the Boards approval.  The SOS said that the BOARD of Supervisors is responsible for the hiring and firing of County Employees.

Vicarious liability is when an employee works for you, but screw up so badly goes after the employee’s  supervisors. That would be the Board of Supervisors. Unfortunately, someone is going to have to pay back the $40,000.  Will it be the Supervisors that allowed this to happen?  Or will it be Jay Sarina out of his pocket to reimburse the taxpayers?

Isn’t it outrageous that the Board gives CAO, Sarina the authority to spend up to $50,000 without explanation? Should the policy be changed?

Did CAO Jay Sarina abuse his authority when he authorized OES, Kymmie Scott to robocall?

  • There was no tsunami. 
  • There was no fire. 
  • There was no earthquake. 

What was the exigent circumstances that caused this emergency to exist to sway the voters to vote YES on Measure R?

Is this another Bell, California in the making?

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  1. Aww, it’s cute how you always try so hard Linda! One of these days you’ll get there. Can’t wait to see next week’s theory! Keep it up!

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