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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – May 5, 2020

I had a friend who attended the May 1st event at the State capitol.  He was one of 32 arrested by the CHP for exercising their First Amendment rights.  Didn’t these officers take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution?

This wasn’t Michigan where people exercised their 2nd Amendment right in addition to those of the First.  Yet the liberal media can only mewl about how horrible it is that these obviously “conservative” people, many of whom are no doubt “right wing white supremacists”, didn’t observe the illegal and unconstitutional edicts of the governor.  Social distancing and face masks not being observed or missing confounded those scared stiff.

I happened to see a story on “killer hornets” who can sting through a beekeeper’s clothing and whose venom can kill you if enough of them sting you.  These critters are another product of Asia, supposedly Japan.  Aside from this coincidence, what does this have to do with corona virus?

Do you remember the “killer bees”, an aggressive genetic divergent of honey bees, which were invading the US and would kill us all?  Panic is being pedaled once again with a new version just as with the Covid virus.  You just have to wonder why the same model is being used and for what purpose.

To realize the purpose all you have to do is understand what the product of all of this fear culminates in: a destroyed economy.  Who believes they will gain if Trump’s leading claim to fame is negated?  Who are they who want to keep businesses closed?  As people realize the “equality of misery” except for those in governmental power, we are just now starting to see the rebellion.  This rebellion is causing those who issue the edicts to rethink their positions.

As I have said, once hospitals are prepared for an increase in patients, we should allow the virus to run its course as every virus has.  This isn’t the medical profession of 1918 or the Hollywood horror movie of the 70’s.

Sweden is right and Gavin is wrong  …  period …

One thought on “Speaking of Hysteria”
  1. Once again a excellent article by Michael Ceremello ! Newsom has wiped out the State of California ! What happened to all the petitions we signed to get rid of Newsom ? We are ruining the Economy in this once great State! We need to open up our businesses now before it to late… and in some cases it’s already too late. Crescent City has had on deaths and no hospitalizations! What are we doing?

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