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By Donna Westfall – January 4, 2018 – Nobody seems surprised by corruption these days. It’s all around us. What is surprising is when it hits home and affects us personally. That’s when people sit up, take notice and start to do something about it.

For a few years now, I’ve noticed what I term slime ball justice in our county. And, I’ve been after Wes Nunn for quite a while to share with our community his take on the corruption in our Judicial system.

From just studying a few cases like former Superior Court Judge, Chris Doehle, (married to Steve Westbrook) stating in open court that it’s ok for attorney’s to lie to the court; to Judge William Follett who terminated parental rights on all nine children from their Christian parents without a shred of forensic evidence… and on another case gave an unrealistically light sentence to Nolan Bruder for drugging and raping his juvenile sister which made national news.

It’s those types of cases that make you sit up and wonder what’s going on? Try to keep in mind that we elect our Judges EXCEPT when they are appointed. In the case of Doehle; she was initially appointed. Then she ran for office and lost to Darren McElfresh.

Paralegal, Wes Nunn, has been fighting in court for the past 10 years. He states, “Every time I lose in our local court, I leave this jurisdiction and win.”

It’s time to educate you as to what has been taking place and then how to change it. Wes Nunn can do just that.

He’s signed up to start his column, “Judicial Watch,” this month.

Just look for this logo:

3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Local Judicial Corruption”
  1. This is disgusting and very sad to hear that those in power always turn out to be the “bad” guys. No wonder your city is depressed and soon will be no more than a bare piece in the road! Stand up and take back your city residents!! Hire someone to go around and move out those that don’t have the scruples that are required to run a healthy and vibrant city!!!
    I was planning on moving there, but now am having second and third thoughts about it!!
    Good luck Crescent City good folks…keep trying!!

  2. Thank you for your informative series regarding the Black Hawk Pistol story involving locale resident Dave Egan. That poor man. I hope he gets justice and an apology some day. I Look forward to reading more of your Articles and Wes’s also. Good job!!

  3. The problems are more than just the court house. CC may be the most corrupt small town in the U.S. when factoring in the county, city, sheriff office, and politics. Have to be the best at something I guess.

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