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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – February 25, 2022

It was Standing Room Only at the Thursday evening Del Norte Unified School District Board of Trustees Meeting.

Emotions ran zenith high as many in the audience were parents of students affected by the California Public Health Department’s recent spate of mandating the wearing of masks on school property.

As a retired Certificated Staff, I rendered my opinion on the Resolution to repudiate CDPH edicts how making requirements on an age group which has been virtually unaffected by the Covid 19 or Omicron Viruses.

I shared my views with Board members who were tasked with repudiation or supporting these mandates. I implored the Board to display C O U R A G E and not waffle on this issue.

Some said ” the Law is the Law…” and we can not defy California law.

I guess that would make heros like Martin Luther King, Jr vile criminals for defying the law in the Segregationist South.

It is ironic, if not idiotic, the State mandates these, IN MY OPINION, unreasonable and grossly hypocritical pronouncements, instilling fear and intimidation on the almost 1,000 Districts including Del Norte Unified. Follow these mandates or else.

The height of hypocrisy is with Gov. Newsom, SF Mayor Lond Breed, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti appear with Magic Johnson maskless at the Super Bowl.

What I found most disturbing were some of the Certificated Staff calling in on ZOOM, lambasting parents and folks like me as” disgusting.” Insulting people who have opinions different than your’s is never helpful.

To those who spewed their intolerance and disdain for the parents and children who have been compelled to follow these mandates, walk yourselves back and get a grip. We live in a Democracy. The behavior expressed by some of my fellow teachers was regrettable and unhelpful.

The divided Trustees were unable to support or oppose the Resolution of Disagreement with CDPH. The Board of Trustees punted which, if nothing else, was disheartening.

On the following hot-button issue, the Board decided not to vote to place yet another Facilities Bond Measure for $47 Million on the November ballot. Citing a depressing economic condition and rampant inflation, Trustees wisely decided not to burden property owners with yet another letter of the alphabet to the four current FACILITIES bonds presently on your property tax bill.

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