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Commentary & Opinion By Donna Westfall – February 4, 2024

Jim Wood has been our Assemblyman since 2014 and will not seek re-election. When I met him while he was initially running for the office, I knew he was a dentist and naturally asked him about his thoughts on fluoride in the drinking water. He claimed ignorance about any harm being done to the public. That pretty much turned me off to the candidate.

These days there are a total of seven candidates; Democratic candidates Cynthia Click, Rusty Hicks, Ariel Kelley, Frankie Myers, Chris Rogers, Ted Williams and local Michael Greer the lone Republican running for this office. He spoke at the Forum conducted at the Masonic Hall.

Michael Greer

He’s been involved in politics for nearly 30 years. A teacher, a coach, and a school board member.

I received a Press Release for the following candidate.

Ariel Kelley Announces Reproductive Freedom for All California Endorsement

Ariel Kelly

HEALDSBURG – Today, Ariel Kelley, candidate for State Assembly District 2, announced the endorsement of Reproductive Freedom for All California, formerly known as NARAL Pro-Choice California. Reproductive Freedom for All California declared their sole support for the former mayor in a crowded field. 

“In a post-Roe world, it is critical that we have champions of reproductive freedom in the State Legislature. Ariel understands the importance of defending and expanding access to reproductive health care, including abortion care, across our state.” said Shannon Hovis, Director of Reproductive Freedom for All California. “She has fought to keep clinics open in her own backyard, and we know that she will do the same for communities across the North Coast. Reproductive Freedom for All California is proud to support her in this race.” 

“As a woman, a mom and someone who has fought to deliver reproductive healthcare in our rural communities, this endorsement means the world to me,” Kelley said. “Whether I’m up in Eureka, talking to voters in Fort Bragg, or meeting with healthcare providers in Santa Rosa, communities all over this district are struggling to maintain access to critical abortion and reproductive healthcare. I will never back down from the fight to defend our rights and protect access to care on the North Coast.”

Because of her record of protecting access to reproductive care, Kelley is proud to be endorsed by Alliance Medical Center CEO Sue Labbe, Kim Bender, CEO of the Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County, California Women’s List, the California Democratic Legislative Women’s Caucus, Fund Her, Assembly Majority Leader Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan and many more.

Learn more about Ariel Kelley:

Those that believe abortion is an answer to unwanted pregnancies can stop reading here. Those that believe abortion is part of the pro-death/anti-life campaign sold to us for the past 50 years through Roe v Wade can continue reading. I do believe that the medical procedure of abortion needs to remain legal because there are legitimate reasons to get an abortion. But when only about 1% of pregnancies are caused by rape, which was one of the big selling points back in 1973, I do believe that with over 60 million abortions performed in the last 50 years it has been used as an after-the-fact prophylactic. Did you know that more and more women are coming forward with regret for having had an abortion?

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