Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Office of Governor:

While nearly 60% voted for John Cox in Del Norte County, Statewide the projected winner looks to be Gavin Newsom with 93% of the votes counted and 60% of the votes.

Del Norte County voted predominantly Republican for these offices: Secretary of State, Mark Meuser, Controller, Konstantitos Roditis, Attorney General, Steven C. Bailey,  Treasurer, Greg Conlon, and US Representative, Dale K. Mensing.  However, all of these offices, with 93% of the state votes in, went to Democrats:

Secretary of State continues to be: Alex Padilla

Controller continues to be: Betty T. Yee

Attorney General continues to be: Xavier Becerra

Treasurer continues to be: Fiona Ma

US Representative continues to be: Jared Huffman

The most contentious race:  Prop 6 – repeal the gas tax – did not pass.  The gas tax will remain.

Let’s looks at a couple of National Results:

The Republicans will retain control of the Senate while California Senator, Dianne Feinstein, is projected to win her 5th term defeating Kevin de Leon. At age 85, Feinstein is the oldest US Senator.

Other interesting results:

Bernie Sanders projected to win re-election to Senate seat in Vemont.  He is an Independent that caucuses with Democrats.




One thought on “State Election Results: California v Del Norte County”
  1. I am appalled that Californians would continue to vote for Diane Feinstein. I am even more appalled that we didn’t have a republican alternative. Aside from the fact it seem strange to me that someone would write a letter to Diane Feinstein about a sex abuse allegation rather than going to the cops, the fact that Christine Blasey-Ford’s name was “leaked” by Feinstein or her staff tells me everything I need to know about Feinstein. Hell, she didn’t even know she had a chinese spy on her team for so long? And yet Californians want her to be in charge of a massive financial department of our government? Are we Californian’s that stupid?

    I don’t know a single person who publicly will say if they voted for her.

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