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By Branden Bieber – July 30, 2023

It is becoming more evident that Local, State, and Federal leadership is disconnected with reality, and the burdens of government overreach is imposing Marxism on our community.  Local public health provided medical services will result in increasing health insurance premiums for working Californians. Increased costs to pay for reduced services.  A long list of social services are provided to an increasingly overserved population that taxpayers are liberally constricted to pay.  Local leaders openly abuse the Tri-Agency, while it illustrates their inability as individual boards to be fiscally responsible, ethical, or promote any economic development other than Government.  State and Federal dollars are lowering the standard of living for ALL Del Norte, and creating unresolvable inflation.

While the County is currently pursuing emergency financing for neglected infrastructure maintenance, they have been abusing emergency executive power to provide health care, housing, legal council, food, and who knows what else.  Land owners are being bought off by the State for residents unable to pay rent. Pharmaceuticals are being subsidized by medicating the incarcerated.  State Tax dollars are being used for free legal counsel to legislate it’s own State laws.  More Psychologists are infiltrating our schools, imposing self-doubt and depression propaganda in the halls.  All the while, people with insurance don’t have appropriate options for a dentist or optometrist. 

Must be nice to pay bills with other people’s money! 

That’s if there is ANY value to the dollar?

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