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Jill Jennings-McElheney, Envirovictim, Region IV, Envirovictim Advocate -March 9, 2017

Sent to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt:

It is important that you meet with victims of environmental hazards before you implement extensive environmental protection cuts at EPA:

If you have locked down EPA staff from meeting with communities who have suffered from being in harm’s way, please let me know what avenue is available at this time to be given equal access and time to meet with you.

I am a victim of water poisoning while living in an environmental justice community.  The state of GA did not properly enforce the law.   EPA took over the civil enforcement and should have pursued criminal charges.  Remediation was not implemented until after children became ill from being poisoned.  This is not an isolated incident.

There is a silent pandemic of neurological harm that has been identified by EPA which is being unleashed on pregnant women and their offspring.  It is critical that the environmental justice system not be undermined at this time for in doing so you will provide a safe haven for increased environmental crimes.

Please advise when we can meet.

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