Thu. May 23rd, 2024

We are not finished by a long shot.

It took Maine three tries to break away from Massachusetts. The apathy from the Massachusetts legislature toward a distant corner of the state is a reflection of what is going on here. Liars, lie. It is what they do. It is in David Finnigan’s nature to be a liar. He has violated county administrative procedures by denying the other Supervisors the opportunity to speak and to vote. He has denied the public their First Amendment rights in a public meeting. He has lied to his constituents regarding attempts to widen the highway, when he is a member of the group which wants to keep a dangerous road. Martha McClure is cut from the same cloth.

Isn’t Hendricks the guy responsible for the alleged missing funds from the waste management district? Here is the question I pose to all of us. Will we allow this criminal activity to continue? Will the people of Del Norte stand and fight these outrages or not? Does Del Norte have leaders among the Board of Supervisors or just more politicians? We will not give up on Del Norte. As I explained to the young lady, who reports for the Triplicate, Article 4 Section 3 does not detail how many attempts we can make nor does it detail what form those attempts will take. We could walk into the Board room at the next meeting and present the Declaration again and again and again if we choose to do so.
The people created the government, not the other way around. The government is to serve the people, not the other way around. If anyone can supply documents of wrong doing or conflict of interest, I will submit them to the United States Attorney for the Western District. We will also make a case to the Political Fair Practices Commission. The real question is how far are the people of Del Norte willing to go for Liberty? I am all in. Let me know what you want and need, I will do my level best to get it for you.
The Time Has Come For 51

  1. I have been to the part of California that will be the state of Jefferson. All I can say is that the area is light years from California. It should not be attached to Los Angeles. Most of the people there use the English language.

  2. In 1776 we declared our Independence, but we were still fighting the British in 1814. I am willing to do the same for THE STATE OF JEFFERSON. I will work with everyone to write up our own DECLARATION OF AN INDEPENDENT STATE OF JEFFERSON.
    We need to take this BOLD move and declare THE STATE OF JEFFERSON separate from California, set up our own capital, elect our own Governor and State Laws, etc….?
    If we wait for Sacramento, it will never happen! As a ‘Sovereign’ people, we have the right to do just that! It may take years to get totally free from ‘California’, but we need to claim our independence TODAY.
    I will be happy to be our first Governor. We need a team to work toward this goal.

    Ronnie Brackett at

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