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By Mary Ervin from California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) – May 2, 2023

Dear Members,

The CFRW attorney advised the CFRW Executive Committee that Ms. Price’s attorney had filed a motion on March 9 to be relieved as her counsel of record. At last, CFRW felt the destructive actions against the Federation by Ms. Price would stop.

The historic California Federation of Republican Women has self-governed for 98 years working under the umbrella of the National Federation of Republican Women. Never before has there been a time where NFRW did not have the final word in our state’s governance when problems arose.

The litigious actions of Ms. Price are unprecedented and put the very backbone of the Federation at risk – our Bylaws. The CFRW Bylaws of our organization at the club, state and national level are what hold our organization together.

The CFRW Executive Committee has always felt that Ms. Price’s actions were destructive.

This opinion was confirmed this morning when the CFRW attorney informed your CFRW Executive Committee that

Ms. Price has hired a Democrat activist attorney.

The CFRW attorney advised that every single CFRW member be informed that Ms. Price has hired a Democrat activist attorney, so that you can now see her true intentions.

Your CFRW Executive Committee is doing everything it can to hold our beloved organization together. Ms. Price is doing everything she can to shut the doors on the California Federation of Republican Women.

Mary Ervin, PresidentCalifornia Federation of Republican Women

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