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4 thoughts on “STOP Electing Career Politicians”
  1. hmm i find it interesting that you talk about billing services, call centers etc…that is what my platform has been based on…check it out…Linda Sutter 5th district candidate….

  2. Ah, thinking with emotion.

    If there were no jobs here, it’s because they are all taken or people don’t qualify for the ones that remain, or are not willing to go after those jobs.

    High unemployment is a problem nearly everywhere in America.

    No industry? Let’s push to help people get into the service based industries. I myself formed a software development firm to keep myself busy, because i had too much trouble finding solid work.

    Crooked Law Enforcement is everywhere, but i will say this, since i’ve come back to this down i’ve seen a major change in how law enforcement behaves towards citizens who don’t wear the uniform. The change is refreshing and welcomed. (I contribute this to new leadership, FINALLY, in the DNSO).

    What about our drug problem in Del Norte? Why are we not taking on issues such as high numbers of burglaries, homeless problems and housing, drug users and rehab programs? Why are we seemingly trying to hide this from the tourists traveling through? That’s my impression over the years.

    We also have those elephant in the room issues, but we also need to hit on the smaller issues as well. It’s called teamwork and that’s the one thing i’m sure can’t seem to happen i this town.. but then again, if the DNSO and CCPD can work together, why can’t other agencies across the county and those who live and work here?

    If i decide to stick around, I will be working to help Crescent City revitalize into a bustling tourist town since there isn’t much left of other industries to keep a base cashflow here. Crescent City doesn’t have much of any kind of a cash cow that is positive. We don’t want to end up like Redding where a huge amount of its income is the machine called the traffic court system, as i recently found out. $80 turning into a 600+ ticket, for essentially the DMV giving me the wrong paperwork).

    While many of us didn’t like Charles Slert, i did and still do like his vision for downtown Crescent City. When i was a teenager, i heard about some people discussing the possibility of creating our own Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk along Howle Drive. Giving young people a place to go to where it is safe is key, and a skateboard park isn’t for everyone. When i was a teen, i would hang out with my friends at the youth center across the street from the High School which gave me an opportunity to play piano, pool, basketball all in a safe environment. What do we have for young people here? Not much.

    We have only one car dealership, for a reason. There isn’t a market for new cars as much as quality used cars. We ought to work on creating a bike program similar to that of what you’d find in places like Seattle.

    We have a major problem with thefts from local stores as well. The district attorney i’m sure is too busy to handle more of a caseload. Most stores don’t want to bother with prosecuting for small items. People are not being conditioned not to commit crimes here in Del Norte, because they know they can get away with it.

    I listen to the scanner every day. One thing that is constant is people in fights (usually repeatedly same subjects) and 459 burglary alarms, which by the time the cops arrive, the perps are long gone. Cops are stretched thin, but if we don’t do anything about that, we’re going to have a bigger problem, such as what you’d find in places like Josephine, County. I am reading in our paper about our CCPD resource being thinned? That’s not acceptable until we get a handle on our problems here.

    Computer Literacy is something i want to see our young people master here. We need leadership in this area and in promotion of service oriented businesses that don’t rely on physical resources and transportation. I’m talking about billing services, web design/development, call centers, et cetera. Other cities are doing it, why not ours?

    Anyone can be a politician, but who would actually push to make things happen and reflect what people have been saying in our town for years? Not anyone i see running for any positions, with the exception of one person who i am now doubting has the energy to push forward, given what he’s dealt with since taking office not long ago. (I warned him this would happen).

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