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By Angry Old American

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For the sake of argument, let’s say we have two rival tribal casinos. As not to cast aspersions, we’ll call one “Brand A” and the other “Brand B.” To end their Tribal and business rivalries, they bet their casinos and entire reservations on a “Marathon Poker Tournament;” winner takes all.

The tournament is supposed to end at midnight, but a local judge extends the deadline til four am the next morning. By midnight, Brand A appears to be the clear winner. Yet, oddly enough, the Tournament Announcer declares over the loud-speaker that Brand B is sure to be the winner.

The game continues; but the audience is sent home until three in the morning.

Brand A is still well ahead, but starts losing hand-after-hand through the night as more-and-more contestants get eliminated. Just when the clock is about to hit four am, when only one contestant from Brand A and Brand B remain; Brand B gets two consecutive Royal Flushes in a row!

Over the loudspeaker, Brand B is declared the undisputed winner. The announcer tells Brand B they are now expected to cede their casino and tribal lands to Brand B; though, according to contract, they have two months to settle.

The only hitch is that witnesses who attended the game saw the dealer throwing cards from the bottom of the deck. Other witnesses saw the Brand B player pulling cards from his sleeves. Still other witnesses swore that they saw a queer-deck come into play during the last two hands that might be marked. Others swore that the dealer did not offer-up this suspect deck for the customary cut just before the first Royal Flush. Still others questioned why the announcer was so quick to declare Brand B the winner at midnight, when it was clear that Brand A was winning.

Considering the stakes of the game, and the odds of getting two Royal Flushes back-to-back, most dealers would request assistance of a Gaming Manager. Any competent and honest Gaming Manager would stop the game to investigate. They would call in the Floor Manager who would freeze the pot til the investigation is complete and a decision is reached. The cards would be impounded, sealed in an evidence container and signed into evidence. The Surveillance Department would be tasked to review video recordings for signs of cheating. The Gaming Commission would be notified, and an independent investigation and audit launched. The Security Department would check Brand B for any cards up the sleeves.

Odd thing… The Gaming Manager is not even called to the table. When the game is called into question, both the Dealer and Announcer call their accusers “Sore Losers.” Gaming Manager, Shift Manager, Surveillance, and Gaming Commission all refuse to investigate. The “House” declares that this was the most honest and secure poker tournament in history. They refuse to conduct an investigation for a group of Sore Losers.

Meanwhile, Brand B’s player leaves the casino and changes his shirt and jacket, while the final deck of cards is somehow lost. The witnesses of cheating are ignored. Even those with cell-phone video of crooked dealing; or of cards pulled from sleeves of Brand B’s player are ridiculed.

The House refuses to cooperate with an independent investigation launched by Brand A’s attorneys and those hired by witnesses. They refuse to submit surveillance video of the game. The cards were lost, and the Poker Dealer, Gaming Department, and Security Department’s records of the event disappeared. Even when handed a subpoena, the Casino refuses to comply. The local judge refuses to see or hear any evidence related to the tournament in regard to a ruling. The Poker Tournament results are the jurisdiction of the Casino. 

Was this an honest game?

The odds of getting two Royal Flushes in a row are approximately eleven million to one. The odds of Trump votes disappearing after midnight, and Joe Biden getting a 90+% landslide of votes just before polls closed was a quadrillion to one.

“The House,” in the case of the 2020 election, refuses to cooperate, and the mainstream media announcers drone-on about the injustice of Trump not gracefully handing over our Constitutional Republic to a group of Communists

At this point, I am going to breach polite protocol. I, for one, insist that there is no difference between the American Communist Party and Democratic National Committee. Look at the goals, objectives and itinerary of both Communist and Democrat, and they are exactly the same. There have not been any “Liberal” Democrats for decades. The United States has been a Socialist Country for decades. Most Democrats support racial and sexual divisiveness through Communist Critical Race Theory, and the tyrannical censure of any speech that does not support their own agendas. They are modern day racist, intolerant book-burning bullies. “Moderate Democrats” are typical Marxists, and “Far Left Democrats” are Cultural Revolutionary Maoists. The only difference between textbook Communists and Democrats is that Democrat’s embrace the filthy-rich Corporate Elite. They are the most richly funded “Anti-Capitalists” ever. Amazon and Walmart online-shopping Monopolists fund their war against the American Middle Class, with additional financial and censorship support of Google, Facebook and Twitter. With the help of Red-Capitalist Corporate Controlled ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and NBC; the Democrats keep the brain-fried masses believing that they are the party of the people. What? FOX is Conservative? Woke Disney bought FOX for $70 billion and Joe Biden has Disney’s CEO Bob Iger on the top of his list for Ambassador to China!

Not that I am a fan of Republicans. My leanings have always been toward the Constitution and protection of individual liberty. Lacking a Constitutionalist Party in my State, I am a registered Libertarian. This election I supported Trump and only those representatives who were loyal to the Constitution; NOT the GOP as a whole. Sorry Republicans, but you have far too many multi-generational elitist oligarch RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). Perhaps if the “Bull-Moose Party” of Theodore Roosevelt were resurrected, I would join. Too many Republicans have become compromised.

“Everybody Knows” that this was the most secure election in History! The TV Presstitutes tells us so, and they should know because of their experts. US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Chief, Chris Krebs, declared the 2020 election to be the most secure ever. Just a week after making this statement, we learned that over two thousand government agencies including the Treasury, CIA, Pentagon, and all five branches of the Military had been hacked for the past six months under the dutiful watch of Chris Krebs.

Voting machines used in Swing-States were provided by Dominion. On December 30th of 2020, before a Georgia Senate Hearing on Election Fraud, a Dominion machine being used during the Georgia Run-off Elections was hacked real-time. The machine was “not connected to the internet” and the hacker used a simple Apple computer to accomplish the task. Any hacker could have gained access to Dominion’s machines and manipulated vote tallies.

The second largest owner of Dominion is Staple Street Investments, which in-turn is owned and controlled predominately by front corporations of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In October of 2020, just before the elections, Staple Street received a $400 million controlling-interest investment through Swiss Bank USB Securities. USB Securities Co LLC is 75% owned by CCP front groups; Beijing Guonxiang, Chinese investment bank UBS, Guangdong Comm Group, China Guodian, and the COFCO Group.

Computer Science Statisticians who routinely investigate cases of financial computer theft and fraud were called in to testify. They pointed to the impossibility of the phenomenal Biden results during the morning of November 4th.

We had several cases of State Superior Court Judges changing ballot deadlines where only Legislators could legally do so. In some jurisdictions, ballots were returned days after the traditional deadline as long as the postmark was for November 3rd.

Not only were voting machines compromised, but there are literally tens of thousands of first-hand eye-witness depositions and video recordings supporting allegations of fraud. There would have been many more if Poll Observers had been allowed to do their jobs. Most were kept so far away that they needed binoculars. Others were forced to stand outside the building with exterior windows covered-up.

There are reports of truckloads of boxes loaded with Biden ballots being delivered just before the 4 am deadline. There are witnesses of ballot ballots loaded with Biden presidential votes; with no down votes for other offices or measures. There are reports of entire truckloads of ballot boxes from Republican precincts disappearing. There are witnesses who viewed stacks of Biden ballots being scanned into voting machines multiple times. There are reports of envelopes being back-dated before the deadline, or being accepted without any postmarks, and those ballots being counted anyway. There are witnesses who observed what appeared to be pristine stacks of unfolded counterfeit Biden ballots on “different paper,” being scanned and counted. There were witnesses who observed Trump votes changed to Biden. There were witnesses who observed voters registered as Republican being given Sharpies, though the machines would not count ballots marked with Sharpies.

Where audits were permitted, sizable numbers of ballot envelopes were submitted by unregistered voters, non-residents, voters with addresses of vacant lots or closed businesses, by illegal aliens, persons deceased, and those that voted multiple times. Many precincts had many more ballots submitted and counted than registered voters.

Thanks to $400+ million in contributions from Mark Zukerberg of Facebook, Biden ballots were harvested from nursing homes, assisted living facilities and group homes; along with ballot collection centers established on nearly every street corner in Democrat controlled precincts. Meanwhile, voters in rural Republican precincts had to drive many miles to find drop-off points.

During testimony before Congress, the CEOs of Google, Facebook and Twitter were found to cooperate in data collection about users, and coordinated denial of access, and censorship of anything pro-Trump or anti-Biden.

When attorneys and citizen groups requested inspection of hard evidence in the form of ballots, envelopes, chain of custody logs, data disks and voter machines; most election precincts refused. When put under court order to produce the evidence, many continued to refuse. If this was a fair election, then why the secrecy?

At many locations, chain of custody logs, laptop computers, and thumb-drives for 2020 have been misplaced or lost, while those for past years are available. Ballots and envelopes in many jurisdictions have simply been shredded.

Mainstream News claims that the courts found no evidence of election fraud. On the contrary, Judges refused to even hear or see evidence of election fraud.

“What, are you crazy? It is too early to file an appeal; the election isn’t even over yet!”

“What? Are you crazy? It is too late to accept an appeal; the election is over!”

“Appealing for one State won’t change the results of the election.”

“Don’t be silly; you can’t appeal for multiple jurisdictions!”

The “Stop the Steal” Rally in Washington DC on the 6th of January is facing opposition. DC Hotels and Motels have canceled all reservations, and most of the roads have been closed. All grandstands and bleachers for the up-coming inauguration have been dismantled. The DC Police, FBI, along with the National Guard have been deployed. This was never done when Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioted. Yet, these are Trump Supporters; Orange-Man-Bad!

Anything “Stop the Steal” has been banned from Google, Facebook and Twitter as misinformation or hate speech. Likewise, the six corporations that control over 90% of mainstream media and all of the television alphabets have branded anything related to “Stop the Steal” to be conspiracy theory and misinformation. Anybody saying otherwise is both a liar and a “Sore Loser.”

Call me a liar and a Sore Loser. I worked for a Casino. Any House that runs their games the way this election was conducted is crooked-to-the-core. The mob would not have been able to run a hustle like this during the golden gangster days in early Vegas!


Angry Old American

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