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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – May 8, 2020

“Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, Stuck in the middle with you. (Stealers Wheel)  Yes, we are stuck in the middle, thanks to the idiots in local government including  the County right up to the greasy governor, Gavin Gruesome Newsom.  The panic-demic continues thanks to the fear generating media and the mindless drones who pose as our neighbors and citizens who refuse to think for themselves and weigh all options.

Only recently we have national voices appearing, making the same points I made months ago.  We have outraged real patriots who understand their freedoms are being assaulted by the imposition of martial law to combat a yearly event known as the flu.  It was interesting observing the difference between what happened in Sacramento at the capitol and what happened in Michigan where protestors arrived with guns.  It was also interesting what happened in Texas where armed men aided in the opening of a bar.

In Sacramento, the California Highway Patrol officers guarding the Capitol building and maybe the moronic legislators within decided to remove protestors from the steps with the warning they would be arrested if they didn’t comply.  Ryan Messano of Vallejo was one of 32 people, mostly women according to him, who were arrested because he and maybe they couldn’t hear the order.  While Messano says they were treated well, perhaps the officers forgot that they have a duty to defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

In Michigan, the protestors demonstrated the point of why the Second Amendment is so important.  Unlike California’s liberal and illegal immigrant paradise, the sheep weren’t there for the shearing.  Anywhere the authorities can command an overwhelming force, our rights and freedom go out the window.  California is one step from being a Cambodia, mainland China, or Russia, the political models most admired by those on the Left.

We now have the liberal idiots of the US Senate, Kamala Harris, Bernie “Commie” Sanders, and Ed “Marx” Markey of Massachusetts wanting to give $2000 per person during this unnecessary shutdown to everyone.  I, for one, have not even seen the first $1200 which was promised a month ago.  Basic economics and monetary theory tells you that you can’t print money with impunity and not destroy the value of the existing money.  Greece was nothing compared to repudiation of debt which is coming from the US.

Destroying the economy and those who have enjoyed the quality of life we all have over the last century means nothing to those who hate what America is and what it has accomplished.  This is their perfect world, where you have to rely on government for your subsistence and right to prosper.  The collective is not merely a Borg concept.  Marx and Engels would be so proud.

Is there not a single oppositional voice in our county?  We have the county public health department extending the shelter in place command until May 17th.  We have our council imbeciles conducting the second reading of an ordinance to fine you $500 for your first offense and $1000 for a second, just because compliance to unconstitutional mandates is more important than their oath of office to protect your freedom.

To show you how easy it is to avoid and void these draconian attempts at public control, we all still have the loopholes of grocery shopping, filling up with gas, going to the doctor or the bank, or visiting an “essential service” .  So if you are out and about and not going to one of these venues, lie and tell the officer you are.  If they want to fine you for “social distancing” infractions, we are all in a lot of trouble.  I need to start carrying a tape measure.

2 thoughts on “Stuck In The Middle With You”
  1. Any ordinance made and accepted by the sacramento imbeciles obviously is in violation of the constitution and can be challenged.

    newsome can’t pick and choose what is to be open and closed. the academy for correctional officers for instance is in progress? what, can’t go to college, can’t go to school, and can’t go to church, but it is ok to go to the Academy in Galt to be a correctional officer? They started May 4 and will go for 10 weeks but the nail in the ass about this is The cadets have been getting paid to stay at home since March 24.

    All people with businesses need to open the business and the public needs to bombard each business. there are not enough cops to stop the effect.

    Finally, those CHP officers at the capital arresting people like you me or grandma, well what Newsome is saying to the people is we are domestic terrorist. That is how it is read for the benefit of Newsome.

    In the meantime, and across the nation to New Jersey one of the Hot Spots still today…they are opening up Jersey Shores to the public on May 28….why you ask? because it is a big economic holiday. Germany is open, Italy is open, Sweden never closed and had the least amount of cases. The more we stay in the less our immune system can handle.

    Our leaders have no balls. They have been stupid from the beginning. Dr. Rehwald tells parents to send their kids to Japan because the corona virus was only in china. However, before the kids left and according to World Health Organization 25 countries including Japan were infected with covid19. Our county cared less about that and especially cared less when these kids returned from Japan and went straight to Del Norte High. In Fact it wasn’t until The school board meeting in March that the school board and Jeff Harris were made aware of the mess that they had created. In fact our Board of Supervisors and City Council had nothing on any agenda concerning the virus. Our County is blessed on so many levels that none of those kids brought the virus back to us. What Jeff Harris did was negligent and ignorant.

    So now, 4 California counties have opened up. But do you think OES Kymmie SCott, DR. Rehwald, BOS, and City Council have been listening to the daily briefs of the Nuisance Newsome? NOOOOOO….These leaders in DeL Norte County have managed to do one thing. Destroy the confidence of the people they represent, by playing as though they are all knowing and stealing money from the taxpayers for their wages.

    Yep we are paying high dollar to a bunch of idiots. I for one am sick to death of it.


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