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Credit to Joseph Lamour and – July 5, 2022

On Tuesday, July 5, Subway unveiled a lineup of 12 all-new signature sandwiches which can be ordered by name or number, a first for the company. These options, which they’re calling The Subway Series, ranges from classic and easily recognizable favorites like “The Philly,” a sub including steak, peppers, onions, mayo and a double dose of provolone cheese, to snazzily-named newcomers like “The Boss,” “Bella Mozza,” and “The Outlaw.” That last one sounds like it’s made for Clint Eastwood, except all good without the bad or the ugly: steak, pepper, onion, Baja chipotle sauce and two times the pepper jack cheese on a toasted roll. All you have to do to order that submarine sammy is walk up to the counter and say “the No. 2, please.”

Perhaps the most exciting part of this new rollout is how Subway plans to celebrate its new revamped menu. On July 12 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. local time, Subway will give away up to 1 million free 6-inch subway sandwiches from its Subway Series menu, so sandwich-craving folks should hop on down to their local Subway if interested in scoring a free lunch.

Subway is located in the Harbor Freight, Dollar Tree, O’Reilly’s shopping Center in Crescent City. Their hours are Monday – Saturday from 7 am to 10 pm. Sundays 9 am – 8 pm.

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