Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Sample Letter – simply put your name at the bottom and email to Sen. McGuire or ANY and ALL Democratic Senators as well as Gov. (Moonbeam) Brown through his website.

E-mail address: Senator.McGuire@senate.ca.gov or give his office a call at 916.651.4002.

Senator McGuire,

This bill is an absolute atrocity for us here on the North Coast, and in particular for us here in Del Norte County of which you represent.  We suffer from the general indifference of those in Sacramento who haven’t made the slightest attempt to formulate a bill to rescue Highway 101 from almost continual failure South of Crescent City, known as Last Chance Grade.   In addition to that potential to cause great financial distress for us, you and your colleagues intend to pass a bill known as SB 1 which will not only fail to solve our most pressing infrastructure need, but cause retailers of all stripes to lose what little business that they currently can muster to retailers in Oregon due to the great disparity in sales and fuel taxes.  We already lose a substantial amount of retail sales due to that proximity to Oregon whose retailers are not faced with sales tax or excessive fuel taxes. This new Senate Bill will only create a greater disparity, causing the economy in Del Norte County to bleed even more sales revenue. It is my hope that you will remember that you represent more than the larger populations to the South and not forget that we, in Del Norte County, are also your constituents.  Please vote NO on SB 1 and formulate some thing that addresses at least some of the economic woes that are visited upon us by the Sate of California, of which SB 1 has the potential of being the most onerous.

Thank you for your attention.








5 thoughts on “Suggested letter to send those bozo’s wanting to increase the gas tax & DMV fees”
  1. Crescent City will forever be treated as the step child. Rather than fight it, it is best to face the reality of it and move. Sold off my properties and have never felt better. The relief of no longer owning property in Del Norte county is honestly hard to describe. To know that you don’t have to live next to a meth addict who is on public assistance in a prison town that is governed by a state full of liberal idiots gives one a warm fuzzy feeling. Yep, it really is true.

  2. Also, if they wouldn’t have robbed the state gas tax, reclassifying it as an Excise Tax, there would already be road repair funds available.

    1. Boy are you a dreamer! There is absolutely no way that the State of California is going to fork over anything but a very small amount of any transportation funds to Del Norte County. Our own State Senator barely acknowledges our existence as part of his district. His job is to say the right things then scurry home and ignore us because we do not have any political power. Heaven forbid that he makes any effort to promote a bypass. The State no matter what will continue to cut into the mountain at Last Chance Grade and NEVER take any step towards a bypass as a more permanent solution to LCGrade. Now another lane on the 405 in Southern California and you have your money by the buckets. Fix 101 in Del Norte County, where is that?

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