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Opinion Piece By Donna Westfall – July 11, 2018 – Recalling elected politicians is something that’s usually done when their actions are so illegal or immoral that it can’t be overlooked.  Recently, California Senator, Josh Newman, was recalled for supporting the gax tax put into place by Gov. Brown and his predominantly Democratic legislature.  That doesn’t exactly fit the description of immoral or illegal even though some may think that way.

Yet, when Jesse Davis, defacto head of the Cannabis Working Group, pressed forward with recalls against Sup’s Gitlin and Berkowitz, it was like a lightswitch was turned on.  “How can he do that?” I wondered.

Come to find out that there was still time to do recalls and get it on the November ballot. YAHOO! Because it wouldn’t cost the taxpayers any money like a special election would.

Sup. Lori Cowan changed her tune from following through on her campaign promises on a number of issues shortly after she was sworn in. Supporters and people who endorsed her, like myself, were feeling betrayed.

* Last Chance Grade, “It can’t be done in five years.”

*Voted to increase garbage rates when we already have among the highest tipping rates in the State

* Taking a stance on Sutter Health that would undermine the work done by Dr.’s Caldwell and Duncan

* Spending taxpayer dollars to sent Chairman Howard to Japan ……his 3rd trip.

*One of my pet peeves; she is continually being disrespectful to her fellow supervisors, mainly Gitlin and Berkowitz.

Yesterday, I was filmed and interviewed by Leon Purvis from Channel 3 news.  I told him I was not a proponent on the recall of Sup. Cowan, but I am helping to organize it. And I recited some of the issues above.  I strongly believe we need someone else representing District 2 and as soon as possible.

Signature gatherers have started canvassing neighborhoods and sitting at a table in front of the City Hall, Water Department.  622 signatures of verified registered voters living in District 2 are required to put it on the November ballot. Reception has been good. More tables will be put out around town in the coming week.

One volunteer signature gatherer has concentrated on just one street across from the High School and already has 25% of those signing his petitions for recall. And, that’s what’s needed.  25% of the registered voters in District 2 to get it on the November ballot.

Expect to see more signature collectors all over District 2 in the coming weeks covering the alphabet streets and the number streets.

I’ve been on a number of boards.  Most were good experiences because we all had respect for each other and were working towards common goals.  I’ve been on dysfunctional boards and it’s just miserable.  Such a waste of time.

If Chairman Howard would change his tune and learn how to run a functional board, I believe this community would benefit greatly.  But, I don’t think he has the experience or the desire to do so.  And part of the problem with Sup. Cowan’s bad behavior continues because Chair Howard does not care to control his board and allows it to continue.

Too bad for us, the residents, citizens and taxpayers of this area.  An area that could be so beautiful and progressive.




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