Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

By Donna Westfall

McClure already earns $40,000/year as Supervisor for Del Norte County. Now Thursday, April 9th, Executive Director Leighton of the the Del Norte Transportation Commission recommends to the Board to appoint McClure and Associates ( Martha McClure) to the position of project director for the State of California Safe Routes to Schools program. The program pays $45 per hour and projects to about $35,000 per year. I think it is unconscionable that a sitting Supervisor earning just $40,000 per year should apply or be appointed to such an appointment.

Up until now, I had a lot of respect for Tamara Leighton.  Surely there are other good and better people in Del Norte County that are qualified for such a position.

Allow me to be crystal clear.  Supervisor McClure may very well have the qualifications for this appointment but the appearance of impropriety is glaring. The Program  is funded from the State through our local Transportation Commission, which is overseen by the Board of Supervisors. The appearance of conflict of interest is staggering.

As we are still out of state, I ask you to attend the 11 am Transportation meeting, Thursday, April 9th at the Board of Supervisors room in the Flynn Center on H & 9th Streets and be part of the audience opposing this appointment.

Please attend the Transportation meeting. And please think about term limits for elected officials.


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