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What is Super Bowl?

It has to do with football. It’s a game played annually. It occurs on a Sunday. This year, it takes place on February 1, 2015, starting at 3:30 pacific standard time. It’s an unofficial National Holiday where the amount of food consumed is second to Thanksgiving.  Mostly greasy food and beer is served.

Who determines the players?

The National Football League (NFL).  This has to do with professional football in the United States. This year the Seattle Seahawks will pay the  New England (Boston) Patriots. The winner of the NFL plays the winner of the American Football League (AFL).This year both teams have 14 wins and 4 losses.

Who Watches Super Bowl?

In 2014, an average of 111.5 million people watched the game. It was the most watched American television program in history.  Their advertising is the most expensive on TV. Some watch it for the game.  Some watch it for the ads.  Some watch it for the half-time show.  This year, Katy Perry will perform at half-time.

Where is the game being played?

University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

Who can watch the Super Bowl?

Most anyone with an internet connection can watch.  This year is live streaming online.  Thank you NBC.



One thought on “Super Bowl for Dummies”
  1. What I want to know is why the NFL is considered a non-profit and except from paying Federal Taxes, which ends up costing Americans just a bit more out of their own pockets.

    Also, with all the security around these events provided often by tax-payer funded officers, it makes me wonder who’s pockets are being lined.

    My Source:

    I would investigate this further myself, but why? I have more local fish up there to fry.

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