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Taken from the FPPC website, a copy of their agenda for September 21, 2017 involving Lori Cowan, agenda item #39:

  1. In the Matter of Lori Cowan; FPPC No. 17/626 (Streamline Settlement). Staff: Chief of Enforcement Galena West and Political Reform Consultant Chloe Hackert. Lori Cowan, as Supervisor of District 2 of Del Norte County, failed to disclose her business positions as a Manager of North Coast Ocean Sports & Grill and as a Realtor for North Woods Realty and spousal income on her Assuming Office Statement of Economic Interests, in violation of Government Code Section 87207 (1 count). Total Proposed Penalty: $100.

Cowan – Stip



Statement of Economic Interests Non-Reporter

(Streamlined Program)

Complainant, the Enforcement Division of the Fair Political Practices Commission, and Respondent

hereby agree that this stipulation will be presented to the Fair Political Practices Commission at its next

regularly scheduled meeting, or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, as a final disposition of the

reporting violation(s) described herein.





JURISDICTION: City of County of Multi-County State

GOV’T CODE SECTION VIOLATED: 87300 87207 87206 87202

Total Penalty: _____________________


I acknowledge that the violation(s) of the Political Reform Act described above have occurred and

voluntarily request that the Fair Political Practices Commission resolve this matter by imposition of the

monetary penalty specified above. I acknowledge receipt of the Statement of Respondent’s Rights and

voluntarily waive any and all procedural rights to contest this matter in an administrative hearing. All

outstanding reports in connection with these violations have now been filed. I have attached a

cashier’s check or money order made payable to the General Fund of the State of California in the amount

of the penalty described above.

Dated:_______________ ______________________________________________

Print Name: ______________________________________________


I have reviewed the above stipulation and recommend its approval.

Dated:_______________ ______________________________________________



The foregoing stipulation has been adopted by a majority vote of the Fair Political Practices Commission

as its final decision and order and is effective upon execution below by the Chair.


Dated:_______________ ______________________________________________



Lori Cowan

County Supervisor

Del Norte




The Complainant, the Enforcement Division of the Fair Political Practices Commission, and

Respondent, both identified by name on the front of this document, hereby agree that this

Stipulation, Decision and Order will be submitted for consideration by the Commission at its

next regularly scheduled meeting.

The parties agree to enter into this Stipulation to resolve all factual and legal issues raised in this

matter and to reach a final disposition without the necessity of holding an administrative hearing

to determine the liability of Respondent.

Respondent understands and hereby knowingly and voluntarily waives any and all procedural

rights under California Government Code sections 83115.5, 11500, et seq., and 2 California

Code of Regulations sections 18361.4 through 18361.11, including but not limited to the

issuance and receipt of an accusation, and the right to appear personally and be represented by

counsel at his or her own expense in any administrative hearing held in this matter, to confront

and cross examine all witnesses testifying at the hearing, to subpoena witnesses to testify at the

hearing, and to have an impartial administrative law judge present at the hearing to act as a

hearing officer.

It is further stipulated and agreed that Respondent has violated the Political Reform Act as

described herein.

Respondent agrees to the issuance of the Decision and Order and imposition by the Commission

of a penalty in the amount specified on the Stipulation, and a cashier’s check or money order in

said amount, payable to the “General Fund of the State of California,” has been submitted by

Respondent to be held by the State of California until the Commission issues its Decision and


The parties agree that in the event the Commission refuses to accept this Stipulation, it shall

become null and void, and within fifteen (15) business days after the Commission meeting at

which this Stipulation is rejected, payments tendered shall be reimbursed to Respondent.

Respondent further stipulates and agrees that in the event the Commission rejects the Stipulation

and a full evidentiary hearing before the Commission becomes necessary, neither a member of

the Commission, nor the Executive Director, shall be disqualified because of prior consideration

of this Stipulation.

16 thoughts on “Supervisor 2nd District, Lori Cowan’s 1st Violation with the Fair Political Practices Commission”
  1. Sammy straight, weezy nun and lindy studer are drivel filled pathetic people who thrive off of slime.
    they stick together like turds, and to no surprise they witch hunt.
    When their not looking for a victim to ponce on they live alone. LOSERS

    1. Now it’s name calling. We don’t plummet to your level, we just pursue facts. The bell rang, go stick your head back in the sand.

  2. Linda u are a sick twisted woman. I dont even feel comfortable calling u a woman. U have some nerve trying to target people and bring them down every chance u get. When u got fired from the prison for being a disgusting person. Drinking on the job and having relationships with the inmates. And u want to put me on blast saying I’m a career criminal. Assuming and making false statements about me. How did it feel to eat your words. Show up at my court cause u thought i was getting burglary charges. When u got to witness me graduate.

    1. YES Wendy I am a concerned citizen especially regarding the behavior that has been demonstrated by you…HOWEVER, I was impressed by your court appearance on Friday. You successfully graduated from Drug Court and was presented with a framed document from Judge Follett. You articulated well with your feelings and demonstrated you have a lot of capability if you want to apply yourself and get educated…I see you could really go far if you go to college.

      As far as voicing your court records to BOS, they came from your files. You have been in the system since you were 10 according to the court records.

      As far as me getting fired from the prison. That is not true. Nor did I sleep with inmates or drink on the job as you allege. I have a retired badge, I have a pension, and I have a new job working at Walmart. I also am a legal process server and have helped many people with their legal work by conducting legal research and writing. Somehow, I think you would make an excellent paralegal and this is why. You are a strong personality who has been through a lot and who is very intelligent. Kind of like the Erin Brockovich type.

      Congratulations on your success I wish you much progress and prosperity in the future. Take care of your son or daughter it was nice to hear you were granted visits for weekends, your child needs you and you need to set an example that you are a responsible and loving mother which I have no doubt you can do..I admit, I don’t understand addiction probably because I am not one…so I apologize for not understanding and not expressing empathy to you.

  3. Only a few people run up here and they require a small army to guide them through the in and outs of governing once on the board, sometimes it gets funny watching them all learn on the job. Each one of them has overstepped bounds mostly accidentally but we get what we get up here. Heck, she was the most popular politician in 2016, deserves a couple chances as much as any.

    1. I think what people who watch are saying is that she has long since used up her quota of “honest” mistakes. It pains me to say this, but we have been in a holding pattern for a number of years and the mistakes made both by the City Council and the Board of Supervisors are beginning to mount up. The current crop in either august body doesn’t seem to understand with the rather large turn over in the last election that the Citizens of Del Norte County are tired of not only no progress towards solving our most immediate needs, but a general regression of progress in the situations of most of them. Much of that can be laid at the feet of Supervisors Howard, Hemmingsen, and Cowan, of course their close relationship with the Mayor, Blake Inscore does not further their credibility. It is fast approaching the Spring of 2018, June primaries. These three and Mayor Inscore had better start becoming more proactive or they might just find themselves on the outside looking in. Repetitive silly errors in judgement will not help their collective cause.

    2. I have trouble believing she accidentally forgot three sources of income. And I think she’s already run out of second chances. This is far from the only incident.

      Also she betrayed me on a valid concern I brought directly to her last month which I’ll explain in great detail next week.

  4. So she made a mistake (human) and it was corrected in accordance with the commission. Why are you bringing this up now, months later? It seems like you have a personal agenda against this woman and it shows. Just get it out, tell us what she is doing that is so wrong…i mean you are acting like she stole your cookie. Why are you constantly dragging some people through the mud, yet others you put on a pedestal. This is not a news paper, this is drivel at best. Why don’t you talk about something that actually matters to people.

    1. In case you are unaware, Martha McClure served for a couple decades on the Board of Supervisors. Many people complained of allegations of corruption while she was on the BOS but it wasn’t until lawsuits were actually filed (and currently on-going) while she conducted herself in apparently a less than honest way as the Calif. Coastal Commissioner, that the voting public paid attention. Many of those people disenchanted with McClure gave their support to Lori Cowan to fill the 2nd Dist. Sup. position. After watching Lori Cowan month after month in the Sup. seat, disenchantment with her set in quickly. Crooked politicians matter to some people and that’s why we continue to point out, in our opinion, she is not a person of her word. If it were as simple as stealing “a cookie,” we wouldn’t complain. But when it appears she continues to try to use and abuse public funds, withhold information, etc., we will complain and point it out as is our right under the 1st Amendment.

    2. Curious AF, if you don’t like reading real news you don’t have to. Stick with the Trip’s smoothovers. Stick your head in the sand. Your attitude is the exact reason a politician like McClure got away with so much for so long. Don’t ask me to go along for the ride.

    3. Curious AF, didn’t you read the article? her court date is September 21 in Sacramento, it was just discovered because it was placed on the FPPC court calendar agenda. You must be one of those people from this area that still lives in the TWILIGHT ZONE.

      1. mmm…You can assume all you want about me. You should know that I do not take these article as fact, I have found MANY errors of fact in many articles on this site; often twisted to suit the agendas of the writers. You can believe whatever you choose to. I highly recommend checking facts (not just with this site, but with all articles that are posted as “fact”). I read the actual linked stipulation document and went to the actual website This is not a court date as you have indicated, this is a hearing by the commission. So again I urge you all to dig deep, don’t take things as fact too quickly. FPPC is not a court. This quote is taken straight from the site: (Source included so you can research yourself).

        “About the FPPC

        The Fair Political Practices Commission is a five-member independent, non-partisan commission that has primary responsibility for the impartial and effective administration of the Political Reform Act. The Act regulates campaign financing, conflicts of interest, lobbying, and governmental ethics. The Commission’s objectives are to ensure that public officials act in a fair and unbiased manner in the governmental decision-making process, to promote transparency in government, and to foster public trust in the political system”.

        TWILIGHT ZONE? really…

        1. The article itself DOES NOT refer to a COURT DATE! So are you going to claim that everyone who comments must be factually correct? I do not think that is the point of allowing people to comment on articles and opinion pieces. Its called allowing people to speak their minds in a forum where your opinions just might be the subject of rebuttal. What doesn’t really help is if a blanket statement is made without any evidence about “many errors” and then no errors were forth coming. So please enlighten us. Perhaps we might learn some thing, then again you might find out some thing that you thought was factual really isn’t. That seems to be a chronic problem in today’s world of activists and their preachings. Nancy may have used the word “court hearing” instead of “commission hearing”, but it takes a pretty anal person to split hairs over her comment when the end result is pretty much the same. Five Commissioners rule at a hearing and hand out a ruling. A penalty is applied if the rules a found to be broken. I don’t think too many people were confused by her comment, except perhaps you maybe?

  5. what was really an eye opener on this matter was the fact when I mentioned it to her in public forum at the board meeting in front of all those people she shook her head NOo like I was the one lying about this matter…it is only a $100 dollar fine for goodness sake’s less than a traffic violation..and she can’t even tell the truth about that….she is truly a POLITICIAN…YES? January will be here soon, and we can get her out by starting a new recall for the next election without costing the taxpayers…regardless what REPUBLICAN KAREN SANDERS WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST SAYS…. birds of a feather stay together

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