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Opinion Piece By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – January 23, 2022

Supervisor Darrin Short;, you are not doing your job!

Words fall short in expressing my profound disappointment with Del Norte Dist. 1 Supervisor Short.

* One of the duties of an elected is to be in contact with his/her constituents and scrutinize the District, drive up and down the streets, knocking on doors, looking for areas to improve the quality of life for those who reside in the District. You have failed in that endeavour.

Sadly, you have abandoned the concept of how you, Supervisor Short can actually improve conditions in your constituency.

Attached are long-standing eyesores on Jordan and Harrold Streets. Similar conditions exist on Hoover, Harding and Coolidge streets. These eyesores are long-standing.

Folks, the purpose of this post is to remind you that you deserve better than your representative to attend two meetings a month; vote YES on every conceivable tax increase and capriciously engage in the wanton spending of Other Peoples’ Money (OPM) like sponsoring a grandiose plan to spend OPM to cure misdeeds and malfeasance of the Tri-Angency, so Del Norte County would be eligible for more Commerce Dept grant money. Bad idea Supervisor.

To compound matters, you declare yourself a Republican. You, Sir, are the very definition of a R I N O.

To your benefit, you are NOT up for election, in June.

Nonetheless, your performance on the BOS is slightly below mediocre.

3 thoughts on “Supervisor Darrin Short. Are You Doing Your Job?”
  1. Bill C,
    I think that DHHS Director Heather Snow was on the Board of Directors for Open Door Community Health Centers. I guess that is how she had an into the job. I wonder why she would give up a job that pays $100 thousand + a year and retirement to go to Open Door?
    Heather Snow was not a very good DHHS Director. No matter what you think of Open Door, they should have thought this through.

  2. I live in Del Norte Dist. 1 am unimpressed with Supervisor Short.
    One recent example is I contacted his office to discuss that DHHS Director Heather Snow has resigned (She is going to Open Door Community Health Center to take over their “Behavioral Health” Program. Given how well the DHHS’s Behavioral Health” Program ran under her “leadership”, Open Door is getting a real prize.).
    I wanted to ask what he would be looking for in a new DHHS Director. Given the way DHHS has been run by its last few Directors, and the many Human services issue our county is facing, I thought it would be something he would be concerned about. The response I got from his office (he did not respond but his office did) was lackluster at best. It was we will do recruitment and see who applies and try to pick the best candidate. When I asked what they would be looking for to determine who would be the best candidate, the answer was “We have to see who applies”.
    The next DHHS Director will have an impact on everyone in Del Norte County, not just those on aid.

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