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June 28, 2018

John Costa, Managing Director

Western Communications, Inc.

Box 6020

1777 SW Chandler Ave

Bend, Oregon 97708


REF: Editor Robin Fornoff, The Triplicate continuing unfair practices


Dear Mr. Costa:

I write you this morning with deep concern over on-going unfair editorial practices by the Triplicate and its editor, Robin Fornoff. The last time we communicated was November 16, 2016 when I wrote you I was discontinuing my subscription to The Triplicate for I perceived as similar unethical practices. I am disheartened to say there has been little change in the editorial face of The Triplicate since my re-election to the Board of Supervisors. Monday evening June 11, I received a call from reporter Tony Reed asking for my reaction to the Petition of Intent to Recall me by a Mr. Jesse Davis, a member of the Cannabis Working Group. I told Mr. Reed I was unaware of this action and had no comment until I was able to read the Petition. Tuesday’s June 12 Triplicate carried a front page story of the Intention to recall two supervisors, 5th District Supervisor Bob Berkowitz and myself.

In the following days, and unknown to me, two separate Recall efforts, one for 2nd District Supervisor Lori Cowan and another for Crescent City Mayor Pro Tem Heidi Kime have been initiated by separate groups. It has been nine days since the Cowan Recall and five days since the Kime recall, yet the Triplicate has completely ignored this ongoing story. Not only is the news not on the front page in the Triplicate but it is not even published.  The Triplicate has published the legal notice on Cowan, as was paid for by proponent Wes Nunn and Saturday plans to publish the Kime notice by proponent Ed Edwards yet here have been no news coverage in The Triplicate on either of these two stories. Both Eureka television stations KIEM and KAEF have aired BOTH stories, and the coverage of the Berkowitz/Gitlin Recall, yet the Triplicate has been AWOL from reporting the Cowan/Kime Recalls. Where is the fairness in such absence of reporting?  Sadly, this is not a stand-alone instance of prejudice by The Triplicate, but a clear pattern over my six plus years in public service. Such unfair practices speak poorly of The Triplicate and its editor, Robin Fornoff. I need not remind you, Mr. Costa, the role of perceived objectivity by a local newspaper is vital in a small community like Crescent City. It is shameful and disappointing such blatant bias has and continues to be a trademark of this once-respectable newspaper. The absence of an objective newspaper leaves me no choice but to seek immediate redress.

I call for the immediate dismissal of editor Fornoff for his reckless and irresponsible practices.

With deep regret and disappointment, I remain

Most Sincerely,

Roger Gitlin

District 1 Supervisor, County of Del Norte

5 thoughts on “Supervisor Gitlin wants Triplicate Editor, Fornoff, gone”
  1. They should just let Roger write the news. I feel the Triplicate does a fine job with the resources they have. They lean right but not extreme. I am sure, once the story is complete, they will print it. I bet tomorrow. The news just played on the radio yesterday. Mr Gitlin needs to stop being so whiny. If he could represent, be honest, and work with others, and stay away from recalling other representatives himself, he would have no problems.

    1. Mel, I’m glad you’re fortunate enough not to be subjected to the Triplicate’s biased reporting. I was blocked on two occasions from posting valid letters to the editor. And I’ve found stories from certain reporters are consistently biased, especially in which stories they run with and which they ignore.

      1. I too have had letters rejected, they are not required to post the feelings of over 20,000 people. It would not work. They collect and present news in a fashion that is not always perfect, however, I find it fair. They have a limited revenue source to draw on, so typos occur and they miss stories I think are worthy of print. They do fine, they are not the Wes Triplicate, or the Mel Triplicate, or the Roger Gitliniplicate, they are the Del Norte Triplicate, and they do fine. I come here and FB to compare feelings and gosip, I get the Triplicate for news.

  2. I noticed in a recent Triplicate story talking about a newspaper in Japan and making comparisons with respect to staff size and circulation, the Triplicate’s circulation number was noticeably missing. Hmmmmm.

  3. Unfortunately the Triplicate won’t change, and will ultimately cease to exist. The incompetence of the local Triplicate staff, coupled with the incompetence of their parent company makes one wonder how they have stayed in existence this long – but the time for the departure of the Triplicate isn’t that far away.

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