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This election for Del Norte County supervisor is not about political parties as some would have you believe. It matters not that you are a Democrat, Republican, or no Party preference. This election is about our economy, an unacceptably high un-employment rate, and how we can make better use of our natural resources to provide more employment.

This election is about no growth versus managed healthy growth.

Last week, I was asked why a candidate’s political characterization is important when running for the non partisan position of Supervisor. It needs to be said that Del Norte County is truly a dramatically polarized county.

A huge divide exists between the Left and Right.  The Left does everything in its ring of influence to ensure that Del Norte County has zero population growth which results in economic stagnation.

I represent a position of managed, healthy private sector economic growth which, when set free from the reins of over-government will stimulate creation of many new private sector jobs.  I define economic growth when someone from outside the economic bubble visits and spends his or her money here. The more outside dollars attracted to Del Norte County, the faster we move toward prosperity

My opponent has been financially and politically supported by the proponents of no-growth, groups which results in a continually depressed economy.  By helping the private sector develop, we begin to transition from dependency to self-sufficiency.

A vote for the incumbent is a vote for no growth, rubber stamping the mistakes of the past and a vote for no change in the status quo. We deserve better…

Many of you know me as a fiscal watchdog, a limited government conservative, ,and a patriot.  Your vote for me is a vote to turn the County toward a path to prosperity. In coalition with like-minded Supervisors, I hope to be part of the team that fixes Del Norte County.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Below is a message I sent to
    NORTHERN CALIFORNIA- Representative Jared Huffman
    Message Subject: Inauguration
    Message Text:
    I will no longer be supporting you for your childish behavior. I cannot believe you are this Petty, I had been a Democrat for 39 years but if my party cannot show their better side I must leave my party this is a very sad day. I come from 3 generations of Democrats my father marched with Dr. King and Cesar Chavez. Best of luck but now I will put my full efforts on the Republicans… I am sure my father is spinning in his grave over your Classless behavior.

    I pray you do not let people that are a bit more conservative down, so many of us feel lost and forgotten to the point we have Cut generational ties to our parties. & MANY people are conservative but feel too afraid to speak out.

    R.M Bardill

  2. I think the four main assets of Crescent City are; 1). the ocean, 2). the Redwoods, 3).
    Pacific Coast Hwy. (“PCH”, as we called it when growing up in Malibu), and 4). the wind.
    The wind, needs to be harnessed,(small horned turbines)Green energy; beautify PCH with flowers, (hanging baskets from light poles); use tidal turbines in the harbor for more Green energy.
    Just a few thoughts. . .

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