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By Donna Westfall – March 1, 2022

Gas taxes are supposed to go towards road repair. Our gas taxes are being diverted to go towards the (snicker) High Speed Rail – “Bullet Train”. You remember that.

In 2008 voters approved nearly $10 billion in bond money. The cost was projected to run $40 Billion. I guess if they had a Citizen’s Oversight Committee like the one we have in Del Norte County on the $25 million school bond it wasn’t working either.

New projections have it coming in at $105 BILLION.

We know that our government lies to us all the time. Just look at Supervisor 3rd District supporting Measure R. Yep, Sup. Chris Howard proudly stated in the last Board of Supervisor’s (BOS) meeting that funds from Measure R will go to salary and benefits. He must have forgotten that former Chief Administrative Officer, Jay Sarina was quoted that Measure R funds would not be used for salary and benefits. As a matter of fact, when voters were being solicited to Vote Yes on Measure R in 2020, nothing was said about hiring more people or increasing salaries and benefits. Yet, January 25, 2022, salaries for some County employees were given a 7%-12% raise along with hefty benefits.

Voters will have a chance to REPEAL Measure R as enough signatures were verified by County Clerk, Alissia Northrup to have it on June’s ballot. It will be up for discussion at Tuesday’s BOS meeting, March 8th.

Now Assemblyman Kevin Kiley wants to suspend 50 cents a gallon gas tax for six months. He’s proposed AB1638. I’ve emailed Kiley asking why it couldn’t be extended to 1 or 2 years?

Just remember that there are 55 Democrats in the Assembly and only 19 Republican’s. A lot of people are going to have to speak up and make calls and write letters to make those 55 Democrats support AB1638.

Start by calling our 2nd District Assemblyman, Jim Wood and be sure to ask him if he will support cuts in the gas tax of 50 cents gallon – AB1638. His tel # is (707) 445-7014. If his office says, “No” ask them why?

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