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I am a supporter of the dismantling and removal for safe-keeping of patriotic historical monuments from all American cities not willing to protect them. Most of us have seen and heard of the vandalism and destruction of monuments for Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other historical figures throughout America. These monuments should have been removed before these acts ever happened. New York is in the process of removing a monument to Theodore Roosevelt from the front of their Museum of Natural History. I applaud their action and hope that the monument finds a safe home outside of New York City; preferably far away from their State. There are a multitude of small towns throughout America that would be delighted to display this monument and others with honor.

We should accept the fact that our urban centers and many States have elected officials into office that have no respect for traditional American culture or history. Some of these elected officials have voiced outright disdain and hatred for American culture. Thus, during these times of violent unrest and cultural revolt, these leaders are unwilling to provide any safeguards for what were once cherished historical monuments.

Citizens of these cities do not deserve to have any historical patriotic monuments. The Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier should be dismantled and moved from Washington DC to safe areas in small town and rural America where there are loyal State and local governments among patriotic people who are willing to defend them. The graves of our fallen military heroes at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia should likewise be disinterred and moved to a safe location before they are desecrated. The same holds true for political monuments in States like Arizona, California, New Mexico, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington; along with the hundred or more large urban centers across the land that support the erasure of American history. Not all States and cities should lose their monuments. There are governments that secure  their monuments and defend the rights of local citizens to protect their historical shrines and edifices; yet there are others who not only fail to secure their heritage, but arrest those citizens who voluntarily take it upon themselves to protect their monuments.

Perhaps, in the near future, these destroyed historical monuments will be replaced with new ones that better reflect the values of their citizens. Seattle can erect a monument to Raz, the Warlord of the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. Congress might build a shrine to ANTIFA in place of the Lincoln Memorial. After all, the “evolved” Liberal establishment that embraces open borders, the confiscation of registered guns from law-abiding citizens, and institutional desegregation; now supports the open-carry of unregistered assault rifles, strictly regulated borders and racial segregation within a lawless occupied zone wrested from a major American city. The double standard and hypocrisy are ignored by our Leftist media. Our Congress is unphased by ANTIFA’s hijack of Seattle and their desecration of our National monuments throughout the United States. Perfectly reasonable in the eyes of the Left.

Is this the Twilight Zone?

No it is New America!

This is a time in history when the Republic of the United States of America, its Constitution and Bill of Rights are under direct attack; not by foreign enemies; but domestic. There is no backlash from supporters of law and order. After all, they would be arrested if they resisted this attack. They might even be portrayed as “Fascists” by the mainstream media. The Radical Left do not fear arrest. Their Congress, many State and local governments, along with mainstream media are behind them one hundred percent. The urban dwellers of our country, “The News” and every left-wing Chi-Comm mouthpiece in Hollywood have embraced this battle to erase American culture. Our youth, groomed by public school Marxist indoctrination and driven by peer-pressure delivered by counter-culture music icons, are forming the vanguard of tomorrow’s New America soldiers and police. These tactics are not new. We have seen examples of communist cultural revolution before in the People’s Republic of China and in Cambodia. First to go are the symbols, and then comes the “cleansing” of society as a whole.

California is already getting ready for the next cleansing purge. A new bill to eliminate “Affirmative Action 209” was written to remove protections from California’s Civil Rights Act, thus allowing open discrimination by the government itself! The title of the new bill alludes to the exact opposite of the bill’s content. “Repeal of Proposition 209 Affirmative Action” contains nothing whatsoever to do with eliminating Affirmative Action. We may soon see domestic ethnic and religious persecution akin to China’s persecution of the Uighurs and practitioners of Falun Gong. California Leftist legislators will succeed in this deception because the citizens of the People’s Republic of California are stupid. Sorry, but “A rose by any other name is still a rose.” Most people today lack the capacity for independent critical thinking. They are too lazy to read the actual text of their legislation, too dumb to comprehend the content, were never schooled in logic, rhetoric or logical fallacy, and rely on a bought-off mainstream media and advertisements to tell them what to do. Anything more complex than a ten second sound-bite or five word catch-phrase goes in one ear and out the other. This sad state of mind has been conditioned as the norm of our society by years of dumbed-down education and public school political indoctrination. Even if enough brain cells were mustered to defeat the bill;  “vote by mail” will ensure votes from every anchor baby and their extended family, corpse and resident illegal alien in the Golden State to guarantee its passage along with a landslide win for Democrat politicians.

Back in the mid-1970s, a year after I was discharged from the United State Army, I remember seeing newspaper articles mentioning hundreds of human bodies floating in the Mekong River flowing from Cambodia into Vietnam. The Vietnam war had ceased just months prior. The articles were hidden deep in the body of the newspaper; or barely noticeable in the back-pages. Here in Dogpatch, the American People were sick of hearing of the war and ready put it all behind.

Meanwhile, Pol Pot was in the process of a cultural revolution in Cambodia that would erase millions of lives. Declaring 1975 to be “Year Zero” for Cambodia, a hard-core Communist cadre known as the Khmer Rouge indoctrinated, trained, armed and conscripted the youth of Cambodia to erase the existing culture. This was one of the first modern “Child Armies.” Public monuments, historic buildings, libraries, temples, schools, courthouses, museums, and educational institutions were destroyed. Countless works of art, literature and history were obliterated. It was determined that the political, military, legal, religious, educational, business and media establishments would be entirely erased from existence. Those who worked for or supported the existing institutions were ruthlessly purged. People deemed to be candidates for reeducation were sent to forced-labor farms. All others were executed in what came to be known as the “Killing Fields.” This cultural purge was not limited to government bureaucrats and workers; but also included ordinary business owners, engineers and scientists, skilled craftsmen, classical artists, musicians, writers, actors, dancers and what was considered to the intelligentsia of Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge was not content with the destruction of all written and visual archives of their Cambodian culture; they were intent on eliminating any person who had put it to memory. Indeed, toward the end, there were cases of people being executed simply because they wore reading glasses. Only the uneducated peasant was deemed free of contaminating the new order. Pol Pot wanted to start with a clean slate on Year One, and it was accomplished with over two million deaths.

I urge the reader to write to our California State government officials to remove historical monuments before they are defaced during their cultural revolution. Those on State grounds and in urban centers should be sent to States that support the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. The People’s Republic of California is not a worthy place for any historical monument. Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and all Leftist California urban areas should be stripped of their monuments and places of historic significance. Start by dismantling the Spanish Missions and Sutter’s Fort, then forward in history to Hearst’s Castle and on to the present day. Leave no stone unturned. Send every edifice of history to another State. It might be well that these cities relinquish their museums, art galleries, grand theaters and music halls before they too are destroyed. Indeed, if we are not willing or able to support and defend our own historical monuments here in Del Norte County, then they too should be removed and stored for safekeeping elsewhere before they see destruction.

Ultimately, we are all the custodians of our culture. If we do not value or protect it, then we will lose it. This is not rocket science, and we are watching it play-out daily in other cities.


Angry Old American

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  1. Angry Old American I really like your idea of Removing the Statues from States that are trying to demolish them because of lack of leadership! This is our history that makes no difference to several different groups of people ! Black Lives Matter and Antifa are two that come to mind and I’m sure there are many more groups I’m not aware of! So yes we should take them down and store them or let other States with Cities place them so eventually they can be seen again! California has Governor Newsom and Nancy Pelosi in charge and they want to destroy our Statues Immediately to make their own Political Points!

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