Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

1st District Supervisor Roger Gitlin announced today two additional partners have joined the Take a Bite Out of Blight program.

Recolology Del Norte and Rural Human Services of Crescent City will partner with Wal-Mart Crescent City store #1910 in assisting in cleaning up code-cited properties and removing eyesore debris, clutter, and trash and cutting back overgrown landscape around homes owned by the elderly and/or disabled in an effort to beautify neighborhoods throughout del norte county.

The first home will be brought up to code standard Thursday, May 9 at 10:00 at a location soon to be disclosed.

The Take a Bite Out of  Blight program is a community outreach program working with the Del Norte County code enforcement department, in assisting families in tidying up their properties.


2 thoughts on “TAKE A BITE OUT OF BLIGHT”
  1. You know it would be to our benefit if the Recology of Del Norte would actually let people who want to pay for 2 yd (fairly small) dumpster on a monthly basis, and not have to pull a business license. That would most certainly keep properties from getting out of control as far as debris.

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