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February 1, 2019 – Want to have some input into the public schools? You can do that by going to this link and submitting your responses. Matter-of-fact, it’s really important that you do this.

Go to this link and take their survey.  And, they’ll want your email address.

Do you know why they are asking for your opinions? It’s because of funding. Did you know that more than 60% of Del Norte’s students are among the population that fall into three these categories:

1) students who qualify for free or reduced priced meals,

2) students who are English Learners, and

3) foster youth.

Here’s the reasoning.  The state of California is going to provide more funding to schools for under-performing students.

I sent an email to the Superintendent of Schools and all School Board members asking:

“I don’t quite understand why under-performing student and students that qualify for free or reduced priced meals are said in the same breath.  Maybe you can enlighten me.
I can understand students under-performing if English is not their native language.  In that case, what is being done… do they get tutoring?
Again, foster youth and under-performing students – what’s that all about?  Just because they’re not living with their parents does that automatically translate into under-performing academically?
I don’t get it.
Also,  the  local accountability counterpart, the LCAP – Local Control and Accountability Plan—   was supposed to be approved by the School Board by June 2014.  Was this done?”

Here’s one potential problem.  When a school get’s more income for under performing students, what’s their incentive to make those students achieve greater academic performance?

The law was signed by Gov. Brown in 2013.  Since that’s 5 years ago, I’m wondering whether or not our local schools have received any funding?  Let’s see what Superintendent Jeff Harris and the School Board members have to say. I’ve asked them to respond by Friday, February 8th.



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