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Opinion Piece By Angry Old American – March 28, 2023

I hope every citizen of Del Norte County takes the time to read Linda Sutter’s report on the Board of Supervisor’s Meeting. Not that I expect most of the lazy shirkers to do so. In Del Norte County, the extent of civic involvement consists of voting; if they even expend the effort to do that properly. More often than not, the residents of this county do no participate in informed voting, but rather rubber-stamp candidates supported by expensive advertising paid for the Good-Ole-Boys that control our local government white collar organized crime group. Hardly any of our neighbors take the time to attend public meetings, even online via zoom. Most have faith that their “elected officials” are serving their best interests rather than the Good-Ole-Boys that bought the advertising to put these scoundrels in office. Either that, or they have full trust in their respective political parties and the news whores that support their criminal endeavors.

The reason that our Founding Fathers created a Constitutional Republic is because Democracies lead to a tyranny driven by the uninformed mob. In Ancient Greece, the birthplace of Democracy, the mob listened to those who screamed the loudest; not those who were truthful or accurate. Nothing has changed. The Democratic process relies on informed voters; but who does the informing?

We, the average Joe and Jane citizens, are being soaked for every dime we have; but it is being done in slow motion. It is happening openly if we just take the time to examine the facts first hand. A majority of the public, even those who have been laid-off from work, do not take the time to attend any public meetings on Zoom, or to watch Congress or Senate meetings on CSPAN. Instead, the masses rely on propagandist advertisements on Mainstream Media; paid for by Phizer or whatever Corporation that stands to gain.

The expensive Welfare State of “Bread and Circuses,” widespread decadence, moral and ethical decline, internal looting of public resources, and corruption of basic laws led to the collapse of the Roman Empire. We are watching the same thing happening here in the United States, California, Del Norte County and Crescent City. This is all the fault of a lazy, uninformed and irresponsible public.

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