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Commentary and Opinion By Donna Westfall – April 4, 2023

I’ve forgotten how many complaints of allegations of fraud and corruption were made to the Del Norte County Grand Jury during the years that the Wastewater Treatment Plant was being upgraded and expanded during 2008-2011. This is what I learned from that experience. It appeared that Judge Follett cherry picked the Foreman. I was treated like I had committed a crime while presenting evidence to the Grand Jurors. The sum total of hundreds of pages of documents and several people testifying before the Del Norte County Grand Jury were pretty much swept under the rug.

So, hearing about President Trump’s nightmare is no surprise. When like-minded people get together to commit a conspiracy (in this case the NY Grand Jury), then added to that we see Acting New York County Supreme Court Justice Juan Manuel Merchan in charge of the arraignment;

Judge Juan Merchan

who according to Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) filings show he contributed to ActBlue, Biden’s presidential campaign and his daughter, Loren that worked in Kamala Harris’ Presidential bid in 2020, it’s certainly not a huge leap of the imagination to conclude this whole mess is tantamount to a Kangaroo Court.

I hope that Trump’s lawyer, Criminal Attorney Todd Blanche, requests another Judge and another venue. Get out of New York City, clearly a Democrat strong hole. Blanche resigned as partner in the law firm of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft in order to represent Trump.

At 1:24 pm Eastern Time, Former President Donald Trump walked in, went to the second floor along with his Secret Service men and was placed under arrest. No handcuffs were used. He was not placed in a jail cell. No mug shot was taken. Surprisingly he was fingerprinted which seems ludicrous since at one point his fingers could have pressed buttons to release nuclear weapons.

If you read through the now disclosed 16 page Grand Jury indictment, there doesn’t appear to be anything, let’s repeat that, not anything that comes close to criminal charges, plus the statute of limitations ran out. This charade is all politically motivated. Why else would they conjure up changing of the laws? What some would call misdemeanors, they are now calling felonies.

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) made the trip, spoke and was cheered on by the Trump supporters, and was heckled by anti-Trump protesters. I agree with her when she referred to the Communist Democrats. New York City has become a Communist Democratic stronghold.

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene with megaphone.

Once, a long time ago, I loved New York. Now it’s on my sh*t list of cities I don’t care to visit any longer along with San Francisco, California. Our current Gov. “Hair Gel” Newsom – where he played at being the former Mayor of San Fran, but after ruining that city decided he could enrich himself while ruining our state by becoming Governor.

I hope and pray that Trump is vindicated once again; runs for office and wins. Maybe then he can turn around the disasters Biden has created. It’s just horrible watching our country go down the tubes.

6 thoughts on “Talk About A Kangaroo Court”
  1. Donna, people forget about or don’t do research, no one seems to know or remember Judge Briggs received one million dollars from George Soros an outsider not an American citizen to follow his promise to get Donald J Trump American, all lefties would be crying for blood if Soros paid a Judge or DA to get Biden.

  2. Unfortunately his mishandling of classified is a felony. This is what will likely stick. Do we want a Cmdr. In Chief that can’t follow instructions that have been in place for decades ?

    1. DENoonan, You are talking about Biden right, Biden took classified docks when he was VP, talk about mishandling docks and in his garage here is Biden in the White House with as big smile on his creepy face thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thank you AOA I agree with every thing you say, when my husband worked in DC every Dem loved Byrd the Clintons loved Byrd this bad man was a member of the kkk thank goodness he is gone, please America wake up.

  4. President Trump and the rest of his supporters are lucky that he had reliable Secret Service Agents assigned to Trump’s security team during the arraignment. We are all lucky that Trump was not assassinated. The Secret Service Team assigned to JFK on November 22nd 1963 were treated to a night of drunken revelry and an all-night party of free whores the night prior to Kennedy’s ambush.

    The Deep State will stop at nothing to stop Trump’s threat to their megalomaniacal reign of power. If it had been any of the rest of us, we would have been shackled and marched off to the Epstein wing of a New York Jail to be found dead the next day from suicide with no witnesses except sleeping guards and failed security cameras.

    Yes Donna, we have a Deep State right here in Del Norte County and Crescent City. They are a cabal of government insiders and Good-Ole-Boy oligarchs that work hand-in-glove akin to a white collar organized crime group. No outsiders allowed, and they can bend or break any laws that they choose, because they are the law! They own the law, because they bought and paid for it. They have gotten away with it because they bought and paid for local mainstream media. Many of our neighbors remain fat-dumb-and-happy blissfully ignorant because they-too are bought and paid-for with comfy government jobs or social services handouts.

    We, the average John and Jane freedom-loving American, are a dying breed. The Corporate-Communist Fascists running the show look forward to the day that we are all dead, stinking, and rotting in the ground, and liberty is erased. Then, the United States, filled with brainwashed and manipulable slaves will all belong to them.

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