Sat. May 25th, 2024


Isn’t it about time for our City and County to legalize and tax marijuana.  We would be a lot farther ahead in so many ways.

1.)  No longer arresting folks for growing and distributing.

Ultimately saving money on the court system, legal system,  & prison system.

2.) Taxes could offset the need to raise sewer and water rates.

Ultimately saving the fixed income and low income ratepayers from those hard choices of losing their homes, etc.

3.) Production could be regulated so as to insure healthy products.

Ultimately saving the end user from bad product.

4.) Put people to work.

Ultimately cutting down on unemployment.

Thank about it.




One thought on “TAX MARIJUANA?”
  1. I have thought about it for a long time. The Gov. for a long time have used the its “a gate way drug”, to not make it legal. I do not agree with that! If people are having to buy it from pushers maybe that is the gate way they are talking about. It is no worse the drinking and thats legal. It should be a persons choice, it is their body. If it is legal to grow, use, regulated and can be taxed I think its a good idea. The jails are over flowing and a lot of that has to do with the arrest for it. Lets also look at the help it can and has done for lots of sick people. I think CA should do the same way as the other two states and the Federal Gov. needs to stay out of it! In case you wondering I am not a user, but if I wanted to use I think it should be my choice.

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