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By The Freedom Writer – August 3, 2021

Say it again…Taxation is theft!

The Del Norte Unified School District is mirroring how our Capital in Washington D.C. operates – to a T.  Even though DNUSD is just a microcosm or a cog in the wheel, they are emulating their corruption, subversiveness and total violation of our Constitutional rights. They aren’t going to stop until We the People unite and mentally, physically, and emotionally stand up to this. They have made it abundantly clear through their excessive tax spending, subversive curriculum, lack of transparency in the classroom and shady closed session meetings, that they are on a mission that excludes the parents and further empowers their agenda to keep taxing us, control and dumb down our children, until we succumb to Communism. This is what happened to Cuba. Their dictatorial regime kept taxing – STEALING from their people, until they had nothing left. Now Cuba is screaming for FREEDOM and pleading for America’s help. Too bad President Trump isn’t here, because he would rush to Cuba’s aide in a heartbeat. While feckless, Biden is taking his naps and pining over his Communistic plot to destroy America and serve it to China on a silver platter.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” –  19th Century British Politician, Lord Acton

As a person or entity’s power increases, their moral compass diminishes. We as a community and as a nation cannot continue to ignore this universal truth. Taxes! Taxes! Taxes for everything! The County, the City, DNUSD and Crescent City Fire District are taxing us to death. Then there is Bed Tax, Gas Tax, Sales Tax, Death Tax, Capital Gains Tax, You’re Too Rich, But Not Poor Enough Tax, Corporate Tax, Environmental Mattress Tax.  How much more will we allow them to tax us, before it’s too late? Pretty soon, there will be nothing left for them to tax. And America will end up like Cuba or Venezuela. Our complacency and comfort for living in the greatest nation in the world will be our downfall. All we have to do is come together – in person and show up at these meetings and put a stop to it. They are not use to dealing with actual Face-to-Face pressure. Political Charlatans wilt at the slightest amount of pressure, when faced with power in numbers. Once the momentum starts from the masses, there is no stopping.

As you watch the news, read the headlines and witness local backdoor dealings that further put you out in left field and less money in your pocket, is there a smoldering, burning desire in you to do something about it? If the answer is YES, your next question is  – “What can I do? They won’t listen to me. I don’t want to be humiliated, or lose my friends or customers.”  Look at it this way, if you know deep down, you CAN and WANT do something to fight for Liberty, but you choose to do nothing, and we lose our Liberties, they are lost forever. 

  1. The first step in making a difference is to start talking with some like-minded friends and acquaintances and organize together and just start attending meetings. 
  2. Choosing an entity that strikes your core the most, take your pick, the corruption is in every governing board in Del Norte County. If you have knowledge, experience or just a genuine interest in the Harbor, County Government – BOS, City Council, Fire Districts or School District. Then Prior to attending meetings, get familiar with that board’s agenda schedule, print it out or review them online before each meeting. By law, all governing agencies have to post their agendas 72 hours in advance. This gives you 3 days to review the material and prepare some questions or comments that you can address at Public Comment.
  3. Start Writing. Write Online. Write to local boards. Email. The written word is very POWERFUL. This is how America was won. Some of the greats like Thomas Payne, James Madison, John Adams. Talk, read, write and discuss local issues and formulate a plan to address these boards and their flagrant abuse of power. The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers are your Guiding Light. Light the Torch and pass it on. The fight for Liberty will grow.

This is still AMERICA. You are still FREE to exercise your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Our governments are corrupt. They will keep taking, if we DO NOTHING. Do it now while you still can breathe the fresh air of LIBERTY!

“Liberty Once Lost, is Lost Forever.” – John Adams

BY: The Freedom Writer

3 thoughts on “TAXES! What Is It Good For?!? Absolutely Nothing!”
  1. Don’t forget the buy a board tax, and buy a computer or some paint recycling taxes.
    These are hidden and some don’t realize when you buy a 2 x 4 you pay a tax. They might be called fees. Why do I have to pay a recycling tax on paint if I use all of it?
    And how about we pay a fee for each plastic bottle but redeem per pound?? Where does that money go?

  2. Another great piece by this author. Makes it seem like 1776 all over again, only this time the monarchy is in Washington DC, Sacramento, and the Flynn Center not in London, England.

  3. I was never educated by the Del Norte County Unified School District, so I do not know what they teach here about American History. Back over sixty years ago, I was taught that the Revolutionary War was fought over the issue of “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.”

    In Del Norte County, we don’t have Representatives any longer; we have Rulers. If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, and flies like a duck; then it is most probably a duck. Do our local governments resemble a Democratic Republic? Semi-Autonomous Collective? Mythical Kingdom? Oligarchy? Kleptocracy? Organized Crime Group? High School Football Tailgate Party? Good Ole Boy Bank Account?

    Our Rulers have Champagne Tastes and a Kool-Aid Pocket Book. Seems that their primary function is to stuff more money in their pockets each month. Wages for our government bureaucrats are far too generous for an impoverished community like ours. They make so much money that they no longer understand the value of a dollar. The primary offenders are our “Managers;” some of whom manage to survive on $200,000 or more per year. If we cap all government wages at $100,000, I am sure there will be adequate candidates to fill their shoes once they exit for greener pastures. Perhaps they can move to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago or New York City where rich people can afford to support their opulent lifestyles.

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